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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

DKK Commissar's Panzer

Hello, more AFV fleet progress !  This is from Thu 11 Jul 13.

This is the Commissar's tank; Two or three coats of Tamiya Panzer Grey over Chaos Black.  As he's an attachment and not part of the Unit, he gets an Imperial Eagle instead of a turret number.  His armorial badge (where the sponson would be) is the two part thing from the Spaze Muhreen vehicle transfer sheet.  The number '4' at the back is there 'cause the Deparmento accounts for every last cartridge, so even Commissar's tanks are registered somewhere.

"Justice Extremis" was then treated to a going over with AK Inertactive's set of filters for Panzer Grey.  So firstly there was a blue filter, which went on OK, and then a blue/brown filter, more of which in a minute.  Lastly were the streaks, done using the streaking solution.  All of the AK Interactive stuff is spirit based, so it's back in time to white spirit to use these, but the effect is nice.

The tracks and mud are Tamiya weathering stick and then AK Interactive's Dark Earth Powder; the weathering stick applied in small circles over the track and then the powders with the brush dipped in white spirit to blend it all in.  It does give a convincing mud effect, reminiscent of Cheshire clays and certain parts of the Soltau Luneberg region.

Yet to do are the hull mounted weapon and its gusset, the lamps and lenses and quite importantly, the rust;  I use Mig pigment's normal rust and might look up Jeff Rust, although the rust here is going to be plastered on the exhaust and exposed pipework with a bit on the trenchrails where they would get hammered getting on and off freight trains and drop ships.

I started practicing using the filters on the Inquistorial wheels.  The blue filter seemed to go on Ok, I'd never got around to putting a pin wash on this vehicle and it is, as you know, grey.

The blue/brown filter, I was a bit bolder with and plastered it on quite thickly.  Now, if you've never tried a propitiatory filter, they are supposed to fade and be less noticeable once dry.  Of course, I managed to turn the damn thing green (using the blue/brown filter over the blue one) and completely lost the camouflage pattern, indeed, you'd not have known it was a grey vehicle at all.

Fortunately, catching it before it was completely dry meant that a generous bath of white spirit actually washed off a lot of it and had the net effect of actually producing the desired result.  Hurrah !

Which meant that work on this tank went all the more smoothly.

I also had a bit of a play once I'd finished, I ground up a bit of white chalk (you know, that white anti-dust stuff you nicked from school) and cut it with some dark brown humbrol enamel (last opened 30 years ago and still in mint condition).  This went on the tracks of one of the Hellhounds.  I'll have a look at later, but it went on looking the same, so here's hoping it produces a good result.


  1. Good stuff! I always loved the DKoK tank upgrades - the trench rails and filters look ace!

  2. Looking good. Those DKoK upgrades really look nice.

  3. Very nice. Did you have to seal the base paint work before applying the filters and other AK products.

    I have a load of them myself and have thought of using them on my 40K vehicles before but wondered about whether I would neeed to seal them first as a protection against the enamel/white spirits?

  4. Cheers gents ! Thanks for the compliments; with the HB gusset and the rusting done it looks even better.

    I did not seal it before using the weathering products; the FW advice is to gloss varnish as this is a better surface for washes to go onto and I think they've assuming that we're all gonna prity seal things afterwards, which is rarely the case (?)

    1. Yep. It was the FW book that had me worried as other material didn't refer to the practice of glossing first.

      Cheers mate

  5. Very nice, especially like the weathering too. I usually but wash/weather straight onto the paint then varnish with some (non-GW) matt spray, not sure if that affects the step-by-steps I try to follow.

  6. Nice! Beautiful!

    For my money that's the single best looking mini ever to come out of the Devos IV stable!