Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Free Gift !

You may or may not remember that I promised Admiral Drax a prize for fourteen consecutive posts over the Chrimbo holibob.

So these are three Heresy Miniatures SciFi troopers.  Now these fellows didn't have a home so, casting about the garage for something to fob off on poor ol' Drax, my eyes alighted on these.

 Sorry about the photo quality of these last few posts.  I suspect that more imaginative positioning of the lamps would have shown the little guys off a bit better.  No chance of a re-shoot, they went in the post a fortnight ago.
 They were fun to do.  Done in plain colours (revel ones, mostly), with washes and a smaller amount of drybrushing, esp on the armour.
 Their left shoulder pads are snot green (lovin' the name again there) with the IG badge from the Canadian transfer sheet and then dulled down and made to look like part of the same figure with successive washes.
 Hopefully, two shots with a bit more detail.  I like these figures, I think they look the part, the armour is not OTT, the weapons are not oversized for the people and their belt order kit is looking ok too.
So, that's it for these guys.  Obviously they went unbased, as my grey rubble would not match Admiral Drax's grass (man).  Good plausible excuse that.


  1. Nice - they look quite 'modern' apart from the SA80-style weapon but they look like a very nice and cheap alternative to Elysians. As you say the bulk is perfect for lightly equipped 28mm models and I suspect they'd fit perfectly with 40K!

    Love the washes on the transfer by the way.

  2. Drax will love these. Pretty dynamic sculpts and nicely painted. Very fitting.

  3. Cheers boys !

    Keep in mind that you linked these Heresy SciFi Troopers with Elysians, come May this year, your words could prove prophetic ! (Ooooh, get me goin' all cryptic).

  4. They are indeed lovely (thanks!) and they are indeed absolutely smashing models for proxy-Elysians (Proxelysians?) - even down to their slighter frames and bull-pup rifles.

    I'm properly impressed wih them, actually - thanks mate.

    That said...

    ..."grass"? - Like Donald Pleasence in 'The Great Escape' I suspect your eyesight may not be what it once was. Of my 400-odd bases not one of them has a single blade of grass on it!

    Right. Time to broach 'May' with Mrs. Drax

  5. You're right ! I didn't even check; too lazy to even open a new tab and click on a favourite.

    Just checked and seen all the grey rubble. I feel properly ashamed now....