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Friday, 17 January 2014

Valhallan progress.

My final ten metal GW Valhallans.
 They are the same colours as all the others; and incidentally the scheme from which PVP worked out the colourscheme for the DKK.  I had at one point envisaged the whole army homogeneously completed in the same colourscheme.  I still like the idea of this, but have strayed.  Oh well.
 To be particular about these guys in particular, they are done to a slightly higher standard than most of the rest of them; the faces are better (don't laugh !) and I may go back and cover the goggles and field dressing on helmets.
 I like the way they've turned out.  As small squads and individual models they look good.  As a massed army, the realistic army colours mean the whole lot become an amorphous muddy mob.  Which, when you think about, is exactly the idea.
 Obviously I could go back and and highlight the lasguns, or put a different colour on the straps around the blanket rolls.  But there are over a hundred of them and I've got more pressing things to do; these guys are good enough (bar the bases).
 I like the sculpts - they make a basecoat and wash (Khemris Brown and Deluvian Mud) paint job look good.   They still look good, are in varied enough poses and headgear to not look staid or just plain rubbish and in a nod to the Commissar Caine books, some have comm-beads.   Although having said that. I'm not sure which came first.
 I do still have pig iron winter guard heads and wargames factory bodies so with a few more specialised cadian arms, that'll be it for 540th Valhallan (Kado) Regiment of the Imperial Guard.


  1. Nice one. The old Valhallan range was the stand out to me during the age of metal guardsmen. As you mentioned, the posing across the range was much better than some of the other regiments.

    The brown and green scheme really does these guys.

  2. Nothing says "last days of stalingrad" like dirty valhallans. love it.

    so, when do they get eyes? :)

    1. They're all squinting. Because of the bright light. But I will go back over that man's respirator so that the top half of it isn't flesh coloured.

  3. Cracking models and a nice paint job. These are perhaps my second favourite metal IG after Mordians, you've certainly done them justice. Good call with the washes, it's a favoured technique of mine but it works particularly well with browns.

  4. The snow causes blindness with extended exposure, no need to paint eyes unless they have cloudy irises.

    Valhallans were some of my fav's from back then too.

  5. They look cracking mate: as you say, this vintage of GW models really lend themselves to base coats and washes...

  6. These are really cool Zzzzzz. Their colour scheme gives them the perfect feel and the wash works perfectly.
    "As inexorable as the winter cold, as ruthless as the bitter frost, as certain as death—the Valhallans fight only for victory and the Emperor. All else is but a prelude."