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Friday, 7 March 2014

High Command. Element's of 72 AGs Leadership. Imperial Navy.

Hopefully, I'm back from Borneo and havn't been eaten.  Continuing the series, showing off PVP's work, and introducing more members of High Command:

Commodore Shenandoah Imperial Navy.  Commodore Shenandoah is the Close Orbit Superiority Commander in theatre; Commander Amodis’ deputy and highest ranking Naval Officer in this theatre of war.  He is with 17 Korps because they were where the action was at the beginning of the campaign.  He is an experienced Cruiser Captain and may well, assuming he survives this posting, find himself a Vice Admiral soon enough. 

Fleet Captain Ferdinand Santiago Imperial Navy is the Orbital Bombardment Officer.  Actual details of the Orbital Bombardments are done by the Orbital Bombardment CoOrdinator, Captain Caberra.  Fleet Captain Santiago’s actual job, regardless of the title, is to de-conflict the various assets in the airspace above the battlefield.  Ferdinand lost his arm years ago in a boarding action - it was bitten off by an Ork.  He has a prosthetic one, but doesn't wear it. 

Captain Zanti Caberra,  Imperial Navy.  Captain Caberra is the Orbital Bombardment CoOrdinator, his job is to order naval strikes from orbit in response to calls for fire from trained officers at the front line.  His previous job was as a Destroyer Captain and he hates dirtsiders and being on a planet.  This is just something he has to do before he can continue his career.

Captain Tablet Mostue Imperial Navy.  Captain Mostue is the Orbit/Surface Interface Officer. His task is to ensure that the vital communications links (vox and data) between Navy assets (both orbital and airspace command) are not lost and remain secure from interference.  His previous job was as Captain of the Frigate 'Jericho's Fortune'.  He likes to think of himself as a swashbuckler. 

Squadron Leader Samine Gibbres, Imperial Navy.  Squadron Leader Gibbres is an experienced Fury pilot. She was posted to a Thunderbolt Squadron at the outset of the Devos IV campaign and so far has ejected from three airframes for both mechanical and combat related reasons.  Commodore Shenandoah has decided that whilst a good space fighter pilot, she's a liability in a Thunderbolt.  She now serves as his aide-de-camp, a role in which she appears to be flourishing.  Despite being a space-sider, she manages to get the Imperial Guard to listen when protocol and logic fail.  Funny ol' thing.


  1. Welcome home. Beautiful miniatures with nice subtle conversions. I love the names and fluff too (as always)! :)

  2. Glad to have you back. I love the fluff you've done for these chaps, it really sits well with each model's aesthetic. Darnation, I forgot all about the Imperial Navy! Some ships logs may have to be done...

  3. Which ranges do these models come from?

    They look smashing and their descriptions are very entertaining. I should probably get on with a few of my own...

  4. Glad you made it back home safe and unkilled by the natives. Really dig these models and the fluff - I'll echo Dai, would love to know more about where these are from (knowing they're likely kitbashed a bit), would love to get my hands on the base models for my Rogue Trader campaign!

    1. Dai and Mord: They are from black scorpion miniatures. I used one in my original lot of Praetorian Sailors back in...umm April 2012 (holly molly I really should get back to those!)


  5. Cheers again to Col A; quite right, they are Black Scorpion. And the identifiably 40K weapons are FW ones, as the GW plastic versions would be as big as the lil' men. obtw, thank you for the poem as well; it gave me hours of fun on Mrs Z's eye patch. and damn you for raising the literary bar so high !

    In other news, the new DKK may be on parade in a couple of weeks. The Chinese may have shot down a Malaysian Airlines plane from Kuala Lumper (it would have been an hour or two behind our MA 'plane - eeek !).

    Malaysia had some interesting stuff - I might put something about that up soon, but my digital camera fixation has left me with 1700ish images from a ten day trip, so it might not be that soon.

    Admiral Drax has put up a post about a corrupted Redemptionist gang; looking forward to more on that from him.

    And Dai, I'll put something up about reading tac signs as well. One day.

    Now looking forward to the next wave of iggy releases. Blood Pact anyone ? Side order of Sons of Sek ? yummy.

  6. I totally read that as 'Captain Moisture'.


    1. I suspect your eye had already wandered over the Squadron Leader....