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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

High Command. Element's of 72AG's leadership. 18 Corps.

You may have seen these pictures before on PVP where Jeff describes how these guys were painted and his ideas behind the colours used.  But I thought you might like to know who these noteworthy individuals actually are:

18 Korps HQ is headed by 2* Gen Romos.  General Romos is nearly 350 years old.  He has had a long and illustrious career, beginning in the MacRagge PDF; transferring to the Sabat Worlds Crusade under Lord Militants Slaydo and then Macaroth to act as a liaison officer between the Adeptus Astartes units and the Imperial Guard.  Unexpectedly finding himself with a combat command on Ballhaut he continued to serve with distinction for a number of years.
His last combat command was a brigade of storm troopers on Agripinna itself, fighting the plague zombie outbreak.  Certain factions within the higher levels of the Departmento credit his formation with being the men who turned the tide and allowed Agripinna to eventually return to order.  His staff roles have been many and varied, including being the Commandant of the Obscura Sector’s officer selection and training programmes, Lord General of the Staff College and lately Lord General of Driftward Command itself. 
At ~350 years old, with a life of hard service, including over a century on the front line of the Imperial Guard’s toughest warzones, Gen Romos is no longer in the best of health.  He is entirely dependent on his chair for personal mobility and life support.   He has dropped three levels of seniority in order to become junior enough to actually return to a proper warzone and achieve a glorious end, rather than simply waiting for what’s left of his natural body to just give up.
He is acutely aware that despite the drugs and augmentics, he has increasing trouble in remembering current detail; his memory of the Sabat Crusades is sharp, but he knows that he keeps forgetting where he is now.  His aim is to lend his formidable experience to the, er, um, the er, current campaign and more privately to make sure that it is his last.
He does know 4* Gen Zhukov; the Vostroyan went through selection whilst Romos was heading up the selection and training programme and attended Staff College whilst he was in charge of that.  Romos’s informed opinion is that Zhukov is a perfectly adequate Imperial Guard General but his personal opinion of Vostroyan officers in general is that they all find their personalities by fishing around in Abaddon’s toilet bowl, rather than the crucible of service that a Cadian or Kreig man might find his.

Colonel Eatuthor is Gen Romos’ Chief of Staff.   Gen Romos’ misheard that the first time Colonel Eatuthor reported for duty and shot him.  He still calls him “Colonel Etugaur”. 

Brom Eatuthor is a product of Preatoria's Military Colleges; although not spireborn, he was one of the very very few to be good enough to be selected for elevation to the Officer Classes.  He has been hard working, diligent and loyal throughout what until recently has been a glittering career. He was Colonel Winterbourne's immediate predecessor commanding 1/4 Preatorian Mechanised.  Marked in his early career for greater things, he handed over his command and attended the requisite staff courses for his next appointment. He embarked for 72AG with a spring in his step and steely glint in his eye.

His recent career includes being shot by Gen Romos when he initially reported for duty and being sent to the only place he knows of where the Preatorian Regiment appears to have turned traitor.  He would like to turn this around but in a staff appointment for senile old walrus, he is staring the death of his career (far worse than his own possible demise) in the face.  He now looks worried and doesn't sleep well, as he is worried about developing a tick or stutter.

As I write this (Mon 11 Feb 14), it occurs to me that the rumour mill is grinding away at the ASL; Some readers may recall that the Commander of 902 Div of 17 Korps (where my DKK sit) is one Col Commandant Wellbahn, son of Armageddon. I've already selected a miniature to represent him, but this may give some seriously good possibilities for the Steel Legion bits of the army.  Flying in the face of my fiscal rules for this year, but I'll just have to see what happens.


  1. That Kabuki RommelX fig is a great one all too appropriate. I like the Napoleon one too.

    This was a very entertaining read. Love the cheeky mention of good old Col. Winterbourne too. :)

  2. I rather like the look of a motorised bath chair for my own advanced years.

  3. Love the fluff for Romos! Ah, shucks you know I love reading all your fluff. You've made a good selection.

    'Fiscal rules' are devices of Chaos, sent back in time to the Third Millenium to prevent us raising armies for the Emperor.