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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

High Command. Elements of 72AG Leadership. 17 Korps

And another in the continuing series. Officers of the general staff from Left to Right:

Inspector General of Infantry Mib Alas Sim.  Inspector General of Infantry Mib Alas Sim wearing the uniform of a Corunna Grenadier.  His job is to make sure that all of the Korps’ infantry assets are fit for role, in terms of quality, quantity, readiness and morale. 

Colonel Abas Khurran, Chief of Security, wearing the uniform of a Corunna Grenadier.  Colonel Khurran’s task is to ensure the security of 17 Korps Headquarters, its officers, men and material.  He is well aware that the Necromundans who comprise his command refer to Inspector General of Infantry Mib Alas Sim as ‘the milk man’.  But that’s just soldiers talk.  He is however quite observant and not beyond bugging fellow officers, which you wouldn’t think, to look at him.

Captain Yinka, Vostryan 157th.  Captain Yinka is the data control officer for 17 Korps HQ.  He leads the team who process data for the other branches of the Headquarters.   The rest of his regiment are split amongst the various Corps HQ.  Captain Yinka appreciates that this is a chance to further his career without quite as much personal danger than his contemporaries in the line.  But he cannot help yearning for glory, it’s in his Vostroyan DNA.   Hence his retention of a powerfist, even when carrying out his normal duties.

Major Krasimir, Vostroyan 111th Major Krasimir is the Korps communications officer.  A hobby bazuki player, Major Krasimir has a fine singing voice and his a talented dancer.  He’s also good with the comms systems; they are made in his family’s manufactorum.   His relative youth, for a Vostroyan Major  and abilities as a dancer mean that he is the fencing champion of 17 Korps General Staff. 


  1. More entertaining backgrounds. Very cool indeed.

  2. I enjoy the fluff that you add to your characters, and the above is no exception. I have to ask though, what are those two mini's on the left? They almost look like Star Wars minis.

  3. They are Hersey Minatures. The painting brief was actually 'star wars storm troopers', so that's a bit of a triumph for PVP.