Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Excommunicate Traitoris: A Four-Way in the Garden

Excommunicate Traitoris: A Four-Way in the Garden

This is the Tau Gundam thingy.  If you play Tau and want your opponents not to shoot at the rest of your army, get one of these.  It attracted a lot of shooting which other wise would have been targeted at the rest of the Tau.  Or worse yet, at me.

The cream of the Chaos army.  Unfortunately the eldar had surviving 'prisms and an orbital bombardment strategic asset. So this was quickly just a DP and Predator.  Harumph.  Whose job was it to take out those Fire Prisms ?!?!  Oh yeah.  Mine.

Three Dakka Preds trying to shoot the EJBs off of the objective, whilst the 'zerkers TAB across the battlefield to contest said Objective.  If only they'd had three more turns...

What I did send was a typhoon speeder.  Which scattered back onto itself and blew itself up.  Classy.

The other three 'speeders deep struck in front of the eldar lines. Misfortunately, I choose to flame the rangers instead of melta-ing the Prisms.  Bad news for the rangers, but ultimately bad news for the forces of chaos too.  Oh well, easy come, blood for the blood god etc.

I had a great time and even found a reason for the Tau to join forces with the forces of Chaos.  Lessons for next time include more Khorny terminator goodness, target the fire prisms first, and drop pod the zerker horde where it needs to be, rather than making it walk from behind Tau lines.


  1. This made me laugh! I enjoyed reading the other write up of this battle and seeing your side of it was great. I'd love to know exactly how in reality a typhoon speeder actually manages to shoot itself. Gold.

  2. It was about 2" away and scattered back onto itself. TL Typhoon launchers should have wiped all of the EJBs off of the objective.

    Next time I deep strike a long range support vehicle onto the board, I might give it a bit more space.

  3. It's like a universal law, - first time I used my freshly painted demolisher it did that, scattered onto itself and *boom*

    It really IS nice to see a bunch of painted stuff being pushed around tho, almost like that was the +point+ of all these interesting ornaments i have lying around my house :)