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Friday, 18 July 2014

Int&Sy Sitrep. Magenta (IG Corps Commander's eyes only)

77 hours ago, two companies of the 8th Battalion of the Vostroyan 158th Firstborn Regiment, led by three Sisters of the Order of the Sacred Rose and three sisters from the Order of Our Martyred Lady, finished screening the coastal town of Bubroxville on the NE coast of Acer, following a security incident.
Thirty two people, mostly gang members, were found to be contaminated by the ruinous powers and excommunicated (by immolation).  The soldiers and sisters left the town.
15 hours ago, the Black Templars returned en masse and using their preferred means of prosecution, violent purge with chainsword and bolter, visited the Emperor’s Justice on a further three hundred and twenty six persons.
They held a fully documented court, with Inquisitor Hallas presiding.  Their report, which made reference to the previous screening by the Adeptus Sororitas, made it clear that it was job half done and that if the Templars hadn’t stepped into the breach, then the whole continent of Acer would swiftly have been overrun by the agents of the ruinous powers by now.

Inquisitor Hallas Blingnor

The report was delivered to the office of the Lady Inquisitrix.  This obvious attack on the way 72AG runs the planet and conducts the war needed some form of response.  The plennipotentiates are only answerable to General Zhukov, if the Black Templars are allowed to dictate the details of operations, they would soon be dictating policy and running the war for both the Imperial Guard and the Ordo Hereticus.
The Lady Inquisitrix called upon 4* General Zhukov herself, only to find him indisposed; she was received by the Chief of the Imperial General Staff (CIGS), General Mentunfor.  He immediately opened a vox channel to General Tolstoy, as 17 Korps was once again spearheading the drive eastwards.  Certain formations within 17 Korps were halted.  General Tolstoy conferred with his Divisional Commanders, sacrifices would have to be made.  And not in the cause of defeating the enemy, but rather in the cause of preserving the autonomy of 72AG.
Within 8 hours, 72AG had petitioned Castellian Brodeep for assistance as overstretch in 17 Korps Tactical Area of Responsibility had made a PLA Counter Attack a much riskier proposition than 17 Korps could cope with.  Fully briefed, the Brothers of the Lostwithial would be deploying within twelve hours, much quicker than any of the 18 Corps assets could be redeployed to cover the potential breach.

In their eagerness for glory, the Brothers of the Lostwithial recovered their few assets from Acer and are now preparing to launch a mass assault just ahead of 17 Korps Front Line of Own Troops.  


  1. Nice little piece! I thought I've seen a few articles about your BT here before, but as try to look for them I can't find them.. :( Either way, it was still a nice read.

  2. Soz, I stopped tagging the posts at about the same time as the content became worth looking at.

    Part 2 on Friday !