Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nearly used all of my BT btiz

The creation of the Black Templars detachment left me with a pile of BT specific bitz; vehicle, termie and spaze muhreen.  So a small outlay (which is allowed under the self imposed restraint rules as it counts towards finishing stuff - by using bitz), the only purchases being the two razorhairyfatbacks.

Which here are two rhinos driving past some old weapons installations left lying about.

Sorry about the photos being in not ideal lighting conditions and being grey models on a grey background.  This hobby is fraught with hazards. For instance, imagine if you will that whilst I'm drafting this I occasionally go the mouse in the middle of the desk to adjust or modify this post.  Of course the mouse is attached to my work laptop.  If someone were watching, they'd be laughing.

Now, swapping the rhino sunroof for the razorhairyfatback thing is an old dodge.  But it is a cheap and easy win, so I'm joining in.  One of the sunroof hatches has BT sword decoration bitz and the other, just to be different (there are two relatively plain looking rhinos already) has some luggage.

Hopefully you can see that the hulls are festooned with BT iconography - it could be in their modus operandi "Festoon the rhino, brother bullet magnet, I need to pop out for some milk..."

More termies.  Another three lightening clause types, possibly for the LR Crusader. Maybe to deep strike in your face (but would scatter and end up in out of town retail park somewhere).

Still lots of BT stuff going on here.  I figure that the assault cannons on loyalist termies and the reaper cannons on Kaos Termies are for when the deep strike puts them out of charge range.  It may not be a game changer, but it stops the termies feeling like they're being left out.

Sixteen sword brethren.  Another bucket load of BT bitz and some veteran looking gizmos.  The newer SM kit and older one together provide enough variety.  And these boys would be fairly easy to convert; I can see why people have SM armies.

Now all they need is paint. 


  1. Very Black, and quite templary.

    Also, very festooned, well done on the festooning.

  2. Festoon the rhino, brother bullet magnet, I need to pop out for some milk...

    Snorting coffee over here.

    I love re-purposed stuff, particularly when its your own - makes you think like you almost have something new and shiny...almost.