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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Thunderhind (Cheers, Masta Cheef)

So I had a quiet hour and so I went into the garage and retrieved the kits to do a fuselage comparison and cogitate about making these things fit.

So you can see where the Hind body dramatically shrinks down to the tail boom.  There'll be a band there somewhere, where the hind body will fit over the Thunderbolt .

Overall, though, I was quite surprised that these two are almost exactly the same length, and that there will a point where this conversion can be made.

And you can see from the picture below that the cut will have to from the rear of the hind engine nacelle through the weapon pylon mounting and then cut down to finish where the crew door is, just in front of the Thunderbolt wing. 

But the thing is, what I decide to do, it is important that it goes right first time, 'cause I have to do two and they should look the same.   And pleasingly, the Thunderbolt kits have a whole sprue of bombs !  Hurrah !

And in other news, I've found the two missing Chimerasaurs; which means I can see what I did last time and then do the next two the same.  As Col Hertford says, keep fighting the long hobby war !


  1. BEWARE the droppings of the Thunderhind!!!!


  2. Oh, and that's a both easy conversion and viable stand-in for a chimera.

  3. Thunderhind is a sweet idea! Can't wait to see what they end up looking like.

    Chimerasaurs are very 80's Soviet - I like.

  4. Neat. Can't wat to see how they turn out!

  5. Two missing tanks.


    Quelle surprise!

  6. I look forward to seeing this completed, beat idea so far!