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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Work in progress

Whilst its nice to look at stuff already done, I'd not want you to think that I'm resting on my laurels.  No Siree, the long hobby war continues.  You've seen some of these summer uniform DKK before - from an lot of 2nd hand DKK who needed so much work that it was basically easier to just chop 'em up - I had a few DKK arm/rifle bits but most are wearing VL arms and VL arms to go with their VL legs.  Enough pouches and stuff to hide the join and these guys are good to go...

...into the painting queue.  There are still three without arms or arms and still ten head and torsos in the tin.  The order has gone to Australia's first lady of resin and sufficient bits to finish this job are on their way.

The summer uniform is going to be easier climbing in and out of vehicles.

Webbing items from FW, VL and Anvil Industries.  The Anvil bitz are really good and easier to use. And the guys who run are psychic or have a delivery TARDIS.  I'd swear blind that there was not enough time to put something in the post and have it delivered in between me clicking on 'pay now' and the little package arriving.

 These photos show all the bitz from all of the manufacturers.

The Macharian 203rd proved to have been Devos IV's most popular posts ever, with each getting over a thousand hits - not all of them me revisiting my own handiwork.  With some salvageable legs left over from the summer DKK, there's going to be a few more Macrons as well.

Again, Puppetswar swedes, VL torso and arms/arms (although there is one there with DKK arms !) when there are more done, I'll dress them in enough web kit to hide the join.

And whilst waiting for the bits to finish the Stugs to arrive from Models and Minis (six months, now); Admiral Drax has helpfully stuck the Ratguard SAM launchers together.  The missiles, already basecoated, sit nicely on the launch rails without gluing, which is nice.  This is one of the projects I wanted those Chimera hull sprues for.  Again, just waiting for Models and Minis track guards and back doors to finish them off.  This will give the ASL adequate AAA for their force component.

Flufftastically, of course, these HVM (high velocity missile) armed units would be covering the radar horizon in to about 2km.  Inside 2km, AD duties pass to the DKK's hydra battery.  In the game of course, IA1 includes rules for equipping your Manticore with AA missiles.  It goes without saying that unlike the FW and GW models, these quite obviously have a hull mounted HB for engaging terrestrial targets - those are SAM units with no ground engagement capability.  But that's what I wanted, real world realism in a fantasy game of flying tanks and so on.

Yes there is a radar dish missing from the top; it's in the box with the others.

And I may just have joined a September tank building challenge.  With a 1/35 Bradley.


  1. I had no idea that there were so many converted and personalised elements to the miniatures - wow!

  2. Zzzzzz, great stuff, love the different regiments and those SAM launchers, sweet.

  3. Those Ratguard SAM's are really cool.

    Very nice to see Summer uniform DKK too. Bravo mate.

  4. Nice to see you taking advantage of the massive amount of choice we have nowadays.

  5. Great use of parts. I have used some of those companies before to great effect.

  6. We have so much more choice now. 10 years ago, shopping around could produce some interesting variants on Cadians. These days, Mad Robot, Anvil and VL alone give us easily enough variation for a fully formed crusade. There's a bit which occasionally looks through those webstores and thinks 'bring it on !'

  7. Terrific stuff. Amazing collection of bits & pieces. My hat off to you for linking it all together.

    Btw are the Stug kits available from M&M ? Always loved them but can't see them on their website.

  8. The STuG was from Mastercrafted. You'll have to email them and ask if Ben can cast you a few up. Your chances are better if you can get a few friends together to make it worth him casting them up.

    (You can pm me via my profile)

  9. Yay!

    These were a bugger to put together, time-wise, but as sculpts go, they are absolutely brilliant!

    Nice, Zzzzzz.