Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Not Work in Progress.

After a quick whiz around the garage, here is the to do list.  A lot of this is started, a lot more isn't.  And of course, this isn't a definitive list.  Where there is something already done, it's noted in green.

Mad max post apoc scavvies
Post apoc war rig
DKK rifles    Basecoated
DKK Engr, golliaths, Hades Drill Basecoated
2 DKK Engr Chimera
DKK Gren Built
DKK re-arms Need to be un-built
DKK Hvy Wpns Need to be un-built
DKK summer uniforms  A few more bits
Hrossy Yeomen  Basecoated
Jornathi grunts  Built
Meridian Infantry Coy
Delaques Built
BP BFG Crews
BP Bradley
Blood pacters Basecoated
Last thunderer
Assorted civvies & pilgrims
7 BP Half tracks
4 Esienkarn APCs
2 Lynx HQ vehicles
1 Chimera HQ vehicle
Ad mech bodies
Macrons    Need a few more bits
SAM launchers  Need a few more bits
2nd regt rebuilds
2 Chaos spawn (bones cthuloids)  built
4 Star Wars Vendettas
ARC 170 fighter bomber
2 Thunderhinds
=I= Gun Cutter (Millennium Falcon) Needs more work
TGG Nuns with guns  Contracted out
And an entire Space Wolf army.


  1. That list looks a lot like my to do list! Lots of half built and half painted bits.

  2. At least you will live forever! What a list.

  3. Ye gawds man. That is insanity in list form.