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Friday, 14 February 2014

Heavy Weapon Progress. Curious Constructs Cannon Carriages

So then, it's the middle of last year and some of those other heavy weapons from the Cadian Heavy Weapons set still need homes.  Oh look, Col Gravis is having a kick starter !

And the very first option is the carriage without a weapon.  That's handy, one thinks to one's self, there's a potential home for the weapons.  One quick backing later and I've got me carriages. Now the weapon shield does not allow one to fit a GW weapon to the CC weapon carriage.  So rather than hack it about, these are going to be done naked.

So this them glued up.  I'm thinking that the las cannon battery can be mounted on the axle at the front and then perhaps connected up with a bit of pretty heavy gauge brass wire.

In case you're wondering, there is an autocannon propped up on that las-cannon.  So, then, a week and a bit later and we're here:

Undercoated, base coated, monumentally heavy pin oil wash and then a few details like the cartridges in the auto cannon drums, auto cannon cocking handles and las-cannon barrels.

When you click on the fots, you should be able to see that muzzle shroud on the las-cannon and the muzzle brakes on the auto cannon are suspiciously green; I was holding them by the muzzle as I worked on them, figuring that this would be an area that got extra work later.

I know one of them is pointing at the ground.  But hey, in the Grim Darkness of the far future, even the dirt is probably worth shootin' at.  More tarting up to go on these, but as I write this the 60mm base las-cannons are done.

And in other news, I remembered to get Mrs Zzzzz a valentine card before the day this year.  So ratcheting up the brownie points for Col Winterbourne's extravaganza.  As long it doesn't clash with anything else.  I've been dreaming up justification for his battle, but that can wait.


  1. Looking good. Reminds me of Napoleonic era gun carriages. And also reminds me that I've got mine to finish off.

  2. Very nice - agree that the 'classic' look without gun carriages is best as it makes them look like proper artillery pieces.

  3. Yeah, yeah...models, schmodels. Whatever...

    More importantly, I too curried big brownie points today with a card...and a cast-iron excuse for not taking Mrs D out for dessert: the road's cut off by the river in one direction and debris in another.

    = Win.

  4. Awesome work, man! I just dug out the box of carriages as well, they're going to be making an appearance with the spireguard. Really like how you've done your builds, will likely be following suit - good stuff!

  5. So umm... my Squats lugging about my heavy weapons is almost the same as snazzy carriages, right?

  6. Cheers gents, I am pleased with them so far; but I'm trying to get on with all of the projects, so these are going onto the backburner (not literally, just in terms of hobby time).
    And accumulation of brownie points is always good.
    Dai - are they shooting at the floor as well ?