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Friday, 21 February 2014

Perfidious Eldar

So, I needed to recover a particular set of Scorpions from their hiding place (not in a wall in Chatham dockyards, this time). And Lo ! they were where I left them.  Good start !

So this is yer common or garden codex sized nest of Scorpions.  Unlike some of the other Scorpions I have, which are in their Craftworld colours, I thought; well, they are supposed to be sneakatious, so I'll do them camouflage.

These boys were done before we moved here, so prolly about 2004.  And like most of the Eldar, have ne'r seen a tabletop in anger.  But.  That may change this year, so I was having a butcher's to make sure that they don't look naf.

They look OK in the flesh, perhaps they need a light wash just to unify all of the colours, but perhaps that's just me wanting to wash everything with oil paints these days.

The patterns are supposed to be sort of camo, sort of ritual pattern on their armour.  I'd imagine that their psychoresponsive armour would actually change as they crossed terrain, bleeding into the background etc etc.  But unless you we're doing a diorama, that'd be quite hard to pull off.  I think I saw someone do it nicely on CMoN, with an assassin bifurcating an Orca.  Nice scene, but not something I'll be attempting any time soon.

And I really like the artwork from the first of the Path of the Eldar books by Gav Thorpe.  Incidentally, I think the books are good in that they illustrate nicely what I always understood the Eldar path to be.  Not sure I really like Gav's fiction (I struggled with the Horus Heresy book about the Raven Guard), but I generally concur with his ideas about the Grim Dark.

More shots, as the next time you see them will be as they pull their chainswords from torso, Mon Keigh !  Bwa ha hah a *cough* Ha ha har.

I'm not sure that even the Dark Kin would speak like that, really.  Part of the attraction of the Eldar is that they are all yoghurt knitting socalistic liberal mystics who get hung up over poetry and sculpture.  Then the masks go on and they all turn into psychopaths.

Whilst I was in the box, I pulled this guy out to show you.  I was going for sort of stag beetle with the armour.  and Mr T with the wings (If you're gonna wear wings on a battlefield, there's no point in hiding them).

This is not the guy who fought the centre of Karitas' space Loganstar to a stand still on his jack jones.  This is his brother.

I kind of imagine him flitting around midfield and picking off annoying ICs with the reaper launcher and his outrageous BS.  The wraithsword is just to bat off the assault marines whilst he does it.

Rightiho !  I'm off to Kuala Lumpar for a couple of weeks.  The blog'l still have stuff on Tuesdays and Fridays.  See you later.


  1. Malaysia? Or are you going of your own accord? Wait, that doesn't work...

    Anyway, good trip, and when you get back we need to have a conversation about the special relationship cameras have with light.

    In that they need it.

    Preferably directed to the front of the subject, :)

    1. Yar. It was set up at night and then I was using it during the day. Jus' being lazy.

  2. LOL Karitas!

    (He's not wrong though about the light thing.)

    Kuala Lumpar.... wow.

    Eldar.- Filthy creatures. Stupid GW, get rid of super-cool Space Dwarves, but keep ridiculous big hat Space Elves instead....

    1. My ridiculous big hat space elfs point and larf at your imaginary space dwarfs.

      In an annoyingly squeeky and girly sounding titter.

      And our guns shoot ninja stars.

  3. Hahaha - Oh Karitas... But as both lads have pointed out appropriate sources of visible spectrum lighting would hepl show off your glorious minis!

    As a unit, the Scorpions have always been higher up the favourite list than say the Fire Dragons or the Swooping Hawks, but not as high as the Warp Spiders, who even after so many years are still sweet looking minis.

    Good stuff mate and enjoy Malaysia - it'll be hot and it'll probably be wet at some point during your trip.

    1. Right on with the aspect warriors - but I've carefully considered and these Scorpions are the ridiculous big hat space elfs for the job.

      Looks like a mean (literally !) 38 degrees, I'm gonna melt.