Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The last three Black Templar Terminators

These three gents when to Golem a long time before Christmas and only recently made it back.  There's a heavily converted one and two AoBR termies with Lightening Clause from the standard Termie set.

This guy was re-posed by someone I work with (we're in the same directorate and oh, it's just complicated and not really interesting) who does freelance sculpting.  He did this man's face as well.  It used to be green.  He has a sense of movement that I'm not sure the original designers of the mini intended.  He might be the only furious charging termie in Oxfordshire.

Heretics eye view.

This guy was supplied to Golem with the damage already done.

The man hug position.  Come and get it.  I havn't forgotten that I promised Mordian 7th a decent picture of Brother Moon (the Emperor's Champion).  I'll have to line that up at some point...

Anyway. the thing here is that this takes the number of Black Templar Termites to a grand and wholly appropriate total of eight.  Too many for a normal Land Raider, but I'm sure I don't have to remind you, just snug in a LR Crusader (how appropriate).


  1. Honestly I dont know why anyone uses any other LR variant.. except maybe the tasty FW one with the thunderfire cannon stuck on it...

  2. "He might be the only furious charging termie in Oxfordshire." Now there's a thought to conjure with.