Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

More Black Templar Action

So, I attacked the figure case where all the termites live with scissors in order to make a little bit more space for the three new guys.  But whilst I had them out of the garage and in the warmth, I thought I would just show the whole package off.

Now, I know that this is all a little bit predicable; none of it is my work, not the gluing or the painting.  And that these guys have all been featured fairly recently.  But I'm showing anyone who is interested what a Land Raider Crusader full of termites looks like.

And I'm messing about with the camera and trying to get to the best set up with the most reliable results.

Despite the fact that I've zoomed out so far that I'm showing off around the background sheet, I like this picture; it shows a land raider crusader, five guys with TH/SS, two with Lightening Clowns and one with furious charge and no helmet (good combo, brother bullet magnet...)  Just the very thing to exemplify the Black Templar modus operandi. These guys will only ever make their points back if anyone is daft enough to let them reach their back quarter.  But if they get there, if they get there, brothers, then the Alien, the Heretic and the Traitor, they are all just the Emperor's mincemeat.

And as promised, Brother Moon.  Here he is facing down a nurgly melee servitor, possibly under control of 'The Cleaved' warp smiths.  Who obviously are not anywhere near here...

The combat swirls as the teasing Brother Moon tries to lure the hulking great collection of stims, auto senses, powerfists and nurgly FNP into stepping in front of the handily placed Hurricane Bolter.  Brother Moon is all for honourable challenges, but not with oozing, pus filled servitors.

Look out Brother Moon, he's behind you !  The canny Brother Moon disengages and moves away.  Finally the servitor advances to it's doom.

Without even one of the witty quips for which he is known, Brother Moon wipes the goo off his shoes and climbs back into the Land Raider.


  1. Mmm I hardly think it is fair to put the FNP Nurlgy Servitor of painted awesomeness against a lowly hurricane bolter.. I cry foul.. foul I say.. foul!!!
    Nice group shot though..

  2. Certainly look like the angry marines we all know.

    A fine collection sir, though an unfair matchup for the poor servitor.

  3. Very nice collection. Given my officers' duelling records, I might have to adopt a similar tactic myself.

    "I wouldn't give the order to fire now, Mr Mainwaring!"
    "Why not, Jones?"
    "Because the barrel's pointing right at your head!"