Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 2 May 2014

A bit more progress - Easter weekend.

Hello.  A little more progress to report.  But these arn't making a huge dent in the list.

This wasn't on the list, but after leafing through the IA masterclass volume 1 (available from no good book retailers at all, only direct from the publisher....) I was stuck by the need to weather the Valk fleet a little more.  So I started.  And now I'll have to finish.  Overdid the yellow ink straight off (it's over humbrol metal coate, which is ace if you something to look like metal.  Prolly coz it is [?]).  The light coloured bits, will I am confident, eventually look like rusty corrugated iron. Perhaps the engines were made in New Zealand, where corrugated iron is naturally occurring.

Getting there.  Sponging greys over the engine and matt varnish.  And then airbrushing the soot from the engines.  But first more blue and black ink washes over the hot bits.

This is the Industrial Mechanika warthog, which you may have seen on Dwartist blog.  It was paid for last year (and so is 'legal') and is 1/35th.  But don't let that stop you - it didn't stop me.  Ideal for a command vehicle.  The casting is crisp and the separate hull panels on the front (as you look at it, the features to the left of the vehicle) slot together with no room for glue.  And the wheels are fab too.  I've got some splinter masks for this one from a kickstarter (also last years).

And lastly, some salamander progress - more stowage has been selected and prep'd.  Work has begun on the inside of the crew compartment as well.

And a few more buildings as well.  These are Amera Plastic Buildings, which are cheap and quick to put together; each is a kit of vaccuformed plastic sheet, which makes them simple and inexpensive in engineering terms.  You get extra little bits of 1mm plasticard with some of the kits, with which you can buttress the interior of the building, should you wish.  They arn't the prettiest, however, I think that the scenery is just that; a backdrop to the main event - the minis.

The winter coloured Chimera gives an idea of the scale.  The basic under coat and two tone grey is all from spray cans.

There is a small gap at the top of the wall on the end of the factory; a strip declaring this to be a tractor factory will be fitted at some point.  The units will be held upside down and the inside done in the darker grey to get rid of those white bits you can see.

Compared to some other buildings for 28mm wargames, these are inexpensive and quick to put together. And you get something that you can stand minis on the floors. And they could be reinforced and tarted up.

And check this out for a DKK army: http://gunheads.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/a-new-beginning.html?showComment=1398017289539#c3900700890810703689


  1. I'd always wondered what the amera buildings were like, and if the scale was off, but they dont look too bad, bit of texture paint and some weathering they might work.. nice find.

  2. Wow - some impressive stuff here (yet again!) - Iook forward to seeing it.

  3. I find the Amera buildings suffer from repeated use - they aren't hugely robust, but for the price...

  4. We could build a real city with all that terrain. A mega update sir, plenty of incredible wargamey goodness as always!

  5. Fantastic stuff, really liking what you've done with those buildings, might have to get me some of those.

    In other news, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, and I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of Illustrator. I've pretty much worked out how I want the maps to look, so it's just working out how to do it now. Hopefully you should see something this side of Christmas...