Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Quake in fear purple marines, all the twiddly bits in the eye of terror cannot save you now...

I'd mentioned my killy Eldar some time ago.  Karitas has met some of them, but most of them have just been biding their time in the webway.  So I thought I'd get them out and parade them for you.  Sorry about the exposure, but it was already dark outside and the dining room isn't the best place in the world for photographing miniatures.

Unfortunately, the dining table has shrunk and there was no room for the infantry models.  So here's the Mechdar:

The especially killy Void Dragon vehicles there, paired warp hunters (bye, bye, lumbering Imperial Knight...), paired night spinners (bye, bye, horde army) and triple helpings of pulsar hornets and shurikannon wasps.  Troop carrying capacity of zero, but I can live with that.

If I may, I'd like to draw your attention to the flanks, giving you the option of either trying to avoid the gaily coloured clans of Siam Hainn and thus wandering a little too close to the wonderously shooty Bel Tain.  You can go via Christmas, or by the summer holidays, but one of these is gonna get ya.

Yes, that is a Cobra.  And there's the Bel Tain one in the picture below, as well.  Titan Schmitan.  It's just behind the three 'prisms.  Yes, the Wild Riders of Siam Hainn have 1:3 Shurikannon.  Yes,  there is a twin farseer JBcouncil.

The screen of ML armed Vypers is just that, a screen.  With template weapons.  There are ten 'serpents and three Falcons there; that's 118 Eldar in your deployment zone in turn two (plus the 'spiders, 'hawks and rangers).  Mostly seers and Fire Dragons, it has to be said.

Yee-har, as they say.