Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

East Side Rumble (What really happened at the weekend)

This was the player's brief: 

Welcome to Bruboxville, a small industrial town on the north east coast of Acre.  Its main claim to fame is being the most easterly town with a rail link.  Its port is modest and not really part of the war effort. It smells of diesel and fish.  Please try to imagine this, you don’t need to bring items that smell of diesel or fish to try to recreate genuine ambience; it’s enough to know that the minis can smell it.
The main reason for Bruboxville being of any interest to anyone at all is that it had, until a few hours ago, one of the main communications hubs linking 72AG to the war effort taking place on Benq over the ocean.  However, an accident has occurred and the station has shut down and gone off line.
Whilst the Ad Mech and Imperial Guard scramble to fix the problem, some of the comms servitors have just wandered off through the war damaged ruins of the downtown areas.  These comms servitors could have codes allowing access to 72AGs network, or data about supply contracts that would useful now and probably in the future as the economy is rebuilt after the war.  Possession of one of these comms servitors would be a definite boon to anyone who had one.
At the very least, possession of one should be denied to any rivals.

Comms servitor
Shotgun, vox caster, independent character.

At the beginning of the game the comms servitors are controlled by the GM.   Servitors will shoot at the closest threat until such time as they are captured and the weapons can be deactivated.  To capture a servitor, simply move into base to base contact.  The servitor will stay in base to contact with any other model that the controlling player moves into base to base contact.   If the controlling player moves all of his figures out of base to base contact with a servitor, its weapons system will re-arm and it will go back to being moved by the GM.

Servitors can be targeted or avoided at the discretion of the attacking player.
You do not have let other players know what your victory conditions are.  Unless your ‘army list’ tells you to for some reason.  The game will last six turns. 
You may ally with other players if you wish, but keep it fluffy.  Bear in mind that any alliance is going to fall apart at some point – probably tied to victory conditions.

This game was never intended to be balanced.  The actual Necromuda style gangs are tweaked for some vague degree of parity, but if you meet a dreadnaught, run away.   Some gangs will need to gang up with others just to stay in the game. 
Do not be dismayed if your initial gang gets wiped out; this is to be expected in such interesting times.  There are replacement gangs drawn to the east side by all the commotion. 
A pink prawn is generally held to be a Slanneshi symbol.
If you defeat an opponent in HTH, you can elect to capture them, rather than leave them bleeding in the gutter.  Captured individuals behave like a captured servitor except that, if the release conditions are fulfilled, they return to the control of their owning player.  They are considered to be unarmed for the remainder of that turn.
You will be given a counter on the board edge which is your gang’s entry point, either on foot or mounted, your gang, deployed, must be in base to base contact with the counter.  (so they could be in a blob or strung out in a line).

Unless, of course, your ‘army list’ tells you otherwise. 


  1. Necromunda!!?? That's a shooting gallery of a playing area if so.....

    Still, the above scenario rules sound fun!

    Can we get a "who's who?" for the photo above?

  2. Nah, We're anonymous ;)

    But to satisfy your curiosity, the luminaries who pitched up to die in many horrible ways (mostly by flamer and plasma cannon) were Karitas, PVP, Andy BG (Iron Leigon), Courtney (Cadian 127th) and Martin (Softest Pawn). And me, My gangs both lasted two rounds :(

    More soon !

  3. Still gutted I missed this.. but I was stuffing as much cold medicine as I could into myself to try to get better for this week.. didn't fully work, but am almost back to the land of the living.

    Nice write up, and a decent gang of guys there.. next time.. always next time...

  4. Echoing the above - thats a shooting gallery for a game of Necro but it still loooks lurvely.

    Reading that write up put me in mind of the openings to most Dan Abnett books - with the well developed description of the surrounds alluding to other fictional (or not) areas the reader may (or is assumed) to be aware of for reference.

    Top stuff - how did those Servitors fare - any big names fall to their BS - shotguns?

  5. There were six servitors at the beginning. Misfortunately, I forgot to fire the servitor's weapons; Three were trashed in the fighting, two were recovered by the Black Templars at the end and one was stolen by the goats.

  6. So jealous. So annoyed to have missed both a game AND nice people. And lovely dogs. And meat.