Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


There were a number of gangs:

De Laque
Van Saar
The Socialised Workers Party
Brotherhood of Drums and Flames
Porns of Chaos
Loup Grous
Striking Scorpions
Iron Broo
Mordian 7th
Black Templars

We got through them all in seven hours.  No idea how many turns, twelve maybe ?  The Players were randomised and then worked through the gangs in the order presented - largely because they'd been written in that order and had a reasonably strong sequential narrative holding the thing together.

The BT were last on the table with two Tac Squads in Rhinos and orders to purge the district.  Seemed to have a decent level of finality to it.

The Brotherhood of Drums and Flames possibly had the best kill ratio (ie greatest number of charred victims in the shortest amount of time) in the hands of Courtney from Cadian 127th.

There was a lot less collaboration than I expected; I thought there would have been a shifting pattern of alliances going on with plenty of double crossing and broken promises.  Disappointingly there was nothing of the sort.  Gangs came on and were promptly wiped out to be succeeded by more gangs.

Only two of them made their victory conditions; Andy BG (Iron Legion)'s Porn's of Chaos's victory conditions were achieved, but only after that gang were done for, so I'm not sure if that counts or not.

As far as furthering the Devos IV campaign narrative goes, there are now definately CSM on the world, BT on Acer and the goats have stolen the remaining servitor.

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  1. It reads like a great way to have played a campaign day - I particularly like the idea of throwing a Marine kill team down at the end, or a kitted out Arbites unit to clear out the scum. Must keep that in mind and see if the lads would fancy a game day like that.