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Friday, 20 March 2020

Ayatani Szpic Ogara

Szpic Ogara is a member of the Tree of Man.  However, as an itinerant preacher, he's not a member of the formal hierarchy of the church.  He does have a large informal following amongst the lay members of the church and is aware that this could possibly be dangerous for him.  As long as the hierarchy continue to follow the tennants of the church and adhere to the ways of the imperium, he's not of a mind to make trouble.

In his youth, he went from the Scola Progenium to being an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper.  With the death of Inquisitor Dweena, he took the chance to use his Scola contacts to change the direction of his life and became a Commissar for the Departmento Munitorium and spent two decades with armoured units from Vaust, drop troops from Hyrkon and engineers from Saran.

Szpic Ogara is quick witted and a harsh judge.  He is impatient with vacillation and those who fail to live up to their potential but can be emotionally and doctrinally generous to those he believes deserve it.