Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Grenadier Minatures Copplestone Wastelander

Hisphurtiup of Bell is a direct male line descendant of the last hereditary ruler of San Cantor hive, hence the remains of the red robes of office, of which Hissy is perhaps unduly proud.  He can recite the names of the 14 generations of his ancestors back to the last days of the hive.  However, as a fifteenth generation wastelander, he has no idea of what happened to the hive, just that it was destroyed in a war with Orks.

He is a fair hired gun, but nothing special, although his mere presence does add a sort of melancholy righteousness to events he is involved in, owing to his false modesty and refusal to talk about his notable heritage ("Oh, if you insist..."). 

For all of his regal and upper class pretensions, Hissy is actually a vacuous, two dimensional fellow.  He's not bad, not nasty.  He's not especially clever, but not an idiot. Having said that, whilst he knows when you're talking about abstract ideas, he has no real understanding, much less any point of interest or opinion.

And those ancient ceremonial robes ?  they're only a few years older than he is, just stolen curtains from a southern grox ranch.