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Monday, 10 August 2009

Devos IV Background Information

The Devos Campaign

The Terrain

Devos IV

Devos IV is an important Agri-world in the obscura sector. There was an important imperial shrine in the city of Xyphonica and a generally well regarded PDF of 80000 personnel. Devos IV has itself, within living memory, raised two IG regiments (one now defunct and one deployed in support of the Cadian Gate).

Seven hundred years ago the then capital city (San Cantor [pop 18.4M] was occupied by WAAAGH Burkhatt. San Cantor, the only hive complex in the system, was purged from orbit. This unprecedented (within this system) use of atomics within the Devos System is believed to have triggered the amount of Eldar traffic that was observed in system in the two centuries afterwards.

The Imperial response to the WAAAGH included a regiment of Adeptus Mechanicus Skittari from the Forge World of Ryza. The remnants of this force still exist on Devos IV and they and their equipment are an increasingly uncommon sight, but are still present in some numbers.

The planet was controlled by Governor Marcus Firth III (a former IG General) with the support of the Ecclesiasty. One of the Ecclesiastical agents was obviously seduced by the ruinous powers and has overthrown the planetary government and seized the capital.

The army of Chaux Na Mrr’see is in rebellion. The Imperium has despatched its nearest forces to crush the rebellion before the cultists begin to attract allies from outside of the system.


So far, the cultists have seized the continent of Benq. Benq is 80750 km2 There are two major cities, Xyphonica [pop 4.7M] the main city of Sommerlund and Slough [pop 2.2M] the main city of Magnamund. Xyphonica is a religious centre, this is where the Imperial Church has been cruelly overthrown and the cultists are basing themselves. Slough is a largely automated industrial mega complex on the edge of the 20400km2 ash wastes from the last WAAAGH to pass this way. The Ash Wastes themselves, locally known as the Gnaaglund, contain the ruins of San Cantor, once home to 18.4M imperial citizens.


The continent of Acer [120000km2) remains loyal. The starport is situated on the Allain peninsula to the west of the continent. The Allainlund region, generally taken to include the Allain Penninsula, includes mining and heavy industry stretching eastwards across Acer to the littoral boundary. There are three large cities: Riba [pop 7.4M] which is an industrial base only 400km from the starport. Dana [pop 2.2M] an important nexus for travel and commerce on the west coast, just across the straights from Benq. Charnport [pop 2.2M], where the starport is, on the Allain Penninsula, this city is the commercial hub of the entire system, as well as being the centre for both the mineral extraction and sea farming industries.

The southern extent of Acer, known as Helgedad, is largely agricultural and includes a vast heavily forested belt and the mountainous polar regions south of there.

The Sea

The oceans of Devos IV are arguably the most important part of its ecology. Certainly, the mostly calm seas are festooned with a vast number of floating algae farms that produce powdered and freeze dried foods for the rest of the Obscura Sector as well as the IG. The cleanliness of the oceans is important to all on Devos IV.

Devos VIII

Devos VIII is a gas giant. The Imperial Navy regularly stops in at the orbiting refineries to refuel. The presence of the easily maintained fuel stop here is vital for interstellar trade in this sector.

Devos XII

Devos XII is no larger than a small moon. It does have an atmosphere, but the terrain is too harsh and the weather too violent to allow the imperium to practice agriculture thereon. Plants do grow on Devos XII, but extremely thickly and only to height of 4 or 5 meters. It is known to have a population of feral Eldar. It’s orbit leaves it diametrically opposed to the main shipping lanes the run in and out of the system via the gas giant.

The Eldar name for this moon is Daziarn.

Devos XXIV

Devos XXIV is a cold barren moon. There are part buried ruins of previous civilisations thereon. There is an astropath station there to ensure that incoming traffic takes the correct route through the asteroid belts to reach the gas giant at Devos VIII and then Devos IV itself.

The sides:

The Rebels

The army of Chaux Na Mrr’see is growing in size. It remains popular and does not yet have the reputation for wanton destruction that follows most chaos cultist uprisings. Significantly, the PDF Headquarters was at Xyphonica. Most of the Devos PDF has now gone over to the rebellion. They are being supplied out of Slough.

Certain sections of scavvy society and mutants from the Ash Wastes are known to have joined the army of Chaux Na Mrr’see. Unconfirmed reports have been received of deamons accompanying rebel troops.

The Imperium

The Imperial Guard is able to land men and material without hindrance at the starport. However, there are problems with sabotage as imperial forces are perceived as invaders whereas the army of Chaux Na Mrr’see is largely comprised of local persons. This issue will have to wait, however, until after the army of Chaux Na Mrr’see has been defeated. Then the population of Devos IV will have to pay the price for their treachery. Restoration of Marcus Firth III, if viable, would provide a government of unity that was popular with the people and would also bring the planet back into the Emperor’s grace.

The enormous amount of effort is being expended to remove the army of Chaux Na Mrr’see with the minimum of collateral damage is due to Devos IV itself is an important agricultural world that feeds three nearby systems.

Small numbers of loyalist Devos IV PDF and the survivors of the first IG units thrown into action as a stop-gap have regrouped in the Buroklammern region to the NW of Dana. Problems are envisaged where PDF units on either side will be reluctant to engage each other with any true effectiveness.

The Feral Eldar

The dwindling population of Feral Eldar on Devos XII maintain a Webway node. They would like to be left in peace and as such allow both the Craftworld and Dark Eldar to transit the Webway and access the Gates on Devos IV. If pushed, they will join any fight against the forces of Chaos (the Great Enemy).

Craftworld Eldar

If alerted to the presence of the army of Chaux Na Mrr’see, the Craftworld Eldar will set out to ensure that the scions of the Great Enemy are destroyed.

The Feral Eldar (so called “Exodites”) have trading links to the xenophobic barbarians of the Bel Tain craftworld and the thrice damned witchery of the Ulthwë craftworld.

Dark Eldar

If alerted to conflict in the Devos system, the Cabal of the broken/venomous/bloodied claw/blade/tea spoon will come after slaves and plunder. They couldn’t give a stuff about the army of Chaux Na Mrr’see or anything other than their own profit.


Any Orcs are survivors or descendants of WAAAGH Burkhatt. As far as they are concerned, the WAAAGH is still on. They could possibly be pursauded to act as mercenaries for one side or the other.

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