Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ways to make an excavation safer: Shoring, benching, banking, piling and/or trench boxes. Oh and doing sod all, 'cause it's less effort

This is the major stronghold for one side or other (the defending side - doh!). It is polystyrene walls on hardboard with a coating of wickes filler. There are dragons teeth (same construction) around the base. These keep breaking, so I keep PVAing them back.

Once again, these are old pictures (maybe a year or so). The base has been covered with PVA and sand and the whole thing painted grey.

It doesn't have a roof. I'll do one with aegis walls around the edge or something.
Moving on once more, Last night I went out with AP to "The Kentish Rifleman" for dinner. http://rifleman.ultimatetech.co.uk/ So was limited to eight DE warriors and the pilot and darklance bloke on three (unmanned) Raiders. Looking forward to doing the Ravagers.

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