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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Devos XII

Farseer Khonnur let his mind's eye take in the surroundings as he lent down from his jetbike to stab at the Vostroyan. The scene of carnage stretched away in both directions, all along the Imperial Guard defence lines.

Dire Avengers mopped up the last Preatorians on the left flank, partially obscured by their crashed 'serpent. A sea of wrecked jetbikes and dead and dying Eldar and Mon Keigh separated them. To his right was the melted remains of a Leman Russ, smoking blackly in the gloom, beyond that the white and green smoke from the Falcon that had carried the Fire Dragons to the missile silo.

The skeins of probability unravelled and re-knitted as Khonnur concentrated. With their perposterous weapon system threatened, the Mon Keigh would come. Khonnur felt relief that the Fire Dragons didn't need to set it off and boil the surrounding area to radioactive glass.

Instantly, the remaining aspect warriors began to withdraw. Also guided by their Farseer's psychic commands, the Vypers moved to cover the aspect warriors as they began to move. Final storms of lethal monofilament projectiles were spat out by the shuriken cannons, filling the intervening space between the remains of Khonnur's wild rider clan and the Mon Kiegh.

Favin, the warlock next to him would be disappointed that they hadn't wiped out the Mon Kiegh. Certainly Khonnur could feel his hunger for the blood of their ghostly warrior behind them; the single man who evaded all detection and slew more of the clan than any other device of theirs. But Khonnur was thinking of the future. The slaves of the corpse seer would come here in numbers, to defend their gateway to the world they knew as Devos IV.

Perhaps the former Astartes who now served she who thirsts would pass this moon by. But if they didn't, then Farseer Khonnur had ensured that it would better defended in future.

With thanks to Soviet Space. Hope you like the Farseer's new moniker.

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  1. Love it mate! Its always interesting how the Eldar manage to turn a near defeat into some form of victory. Almost too convenient eh?

    I'm hoping to get the bat-rep up this week!