Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just a taster

This is a mock up of the Wolverine armoured car. I think normally they are eight wheeled as they used to be made using wheel sprues that GW produced (with smaller wheels) these are relatively inexpensive wheels - apparently they were first produced as scenery and therefore are flat on the reverse side. One can obtain some absolutely fabulous wheels as upgrades for Humve kits and the like, but they are expensive and will make your GW models look crude and ugly. I've got more sides done. The battery pack on the rear of the turret makes the thing look unbalanced. It will come off and go on the back with the spare wheel. I've got some brass strip which is a suitable width to make a mudguard and then will construct an exhaust system from plastic pipe to run from the engine, along the side and yeah, well, just watch. I'll do something with it.
Destined for battlefield anti tank glory, this baby. If I ever finish it.


  1. Old Crow will sell bits like wheels if you ask nicely. You have done a great job on blending the wheels in.

  2. I keep looking at the old crow stuff. On a personal note, having spent many uncomfortable hours in a Chieftain turret, the Leman Russ turret annoys me with an intensity usually reserved for people who talk at the theatre. So my ASL tank squadron, when it happens, may well not have GW/FW turrets, purely because they are expletivly bad.

    Thank you John, it's good to know that there are companies out there small enough to listen to people.