Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Look what I did over the Bank Holiday weekend.

An entire Saim Hain army. Complete with warlock and converted (but didn't finish the painting) farseer. The whole bunch: And *all* my own work...
Seriously, buying an existing army from someone else is the way to go for ease of getting things on to the table top. This was Soviet Space's army until last Friday.
And I've already embroiled them (and hopefully the Preatorian 5th) in the events unfolding on Devos IV.


  1. You had me going there for a moment :)

  2. Why you little..! :P

    I'll be looking forward to seeing this guys again on Devos IV. Until then, do the Eldar proud!

  3. John, if only I could manage such subterfuge on the battlefield.

    Soviet Space; They may (almost certainly will) make an appearance. But possibly not until the final climatic tautologially ultimate battle.