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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lt Gen Marcus Firth III escapes from the Bloodcoats

Hello, I've just played http://www.devos4.blogspot/com/2009/09/capturing-lt-gen-marcus-firth-iii which went ok. The Devos IV 2nd Regt were at full strength and had a Laser-Destroyer tank hunter.

The poor ol' Bloodcoats who were trying to intercept the General were a whole platoon light. The army list has two platoons of Plt Cmd & four rifle squads. I have one built with a splash of paint on; the other is still in its boxes. Ho hum. Plenty of success with mortars and auto cannon. But their entire AT capability was one missile launcher in the Plt Cmd squad.

Needless to say, the 2nd Regt succeeded. They even managed to preserve half of their manpower.

I still need more practice with the rules. (No one took a perils of the warp test, despite using their spooker powers to toast some bloodcoats.)

And another tip if one is trying to engage someone who has never played before is to have everything set out nicely beforehand. It's just a timesaver and makes things easier to identify as you run through their army list.

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