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Monday, 24 May 2010

Wolverine Armoured Car WIP

Here they are. The hull on the left hopefully shows the exhausts from the V8 under the bonnet. The centre one shows the plastic pipe in to capture the axles. The one on the right shows the battery pack and spare wheel arrangements. I am having fun building these. The length of time it takes is a bit of a drag, so there's a balance to be struck between 'doing it right' and finding something better to do. Which isn't too hard, really. I have sand and compost, so a few minutes would see those holes in the lawn nicely filled, if I ever get around to it.


  1. Conversions are so much more fun than building a straight kit.

  2. Absolutely. And these have a look of purpose and modernity otherwise lacking in Iggy vehicles, IMHO. The other things they have don't look as if they belong in the same force as the Valkyre. If these turn out OK they could fill that gap.

    Unfortunately, I tend to do everything by eye, rather than measuring up ("measure twice, cut once", remains best practice. Never mind eh?)

    So the wheels all rub. Excecpt where they overlap quite considerably. Also the holes in the wheels for the axles are done with no particular care, resulting in a wobbly wheel here or there. Oh well.

    And the brass strip is not really wide enough, so the mud guard will be plasticard. Easier ? Easier to make a mistake. Oh well, I'll call it battle damage.