Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Cdr 902 Div's Crassus

Over all, I'm pretty happy with this.  It's not supposed to be that badly beaten up, being the Divisional Commander's trundling HQ.  The stains around the fuel filler caps are better in the flesh.  The main disappointments are the sooting where the exhaust chucks out the diesel fumes - this looked great until I tried to seal it in with a bit too much varnish - hence it looking like a spray on coating, rather than an accumulation of soot - go figure.  Generally speaking I was a bit heavy handed with the varnish all over - you can see white patches on the tracks as well.

I will go back and sort those out.  The other track treatment that doesn't show too well is rubbing pencil lead shavings over the tracks (rather than highlighting/drybrushing with a metallic paint) - this normally gives a really good result.  However, I used too hard a pencil this time and it's just not showing up.  Sad face.

Anyway, here he is, side by side with the Korps Commander's run around.  It sort of points out the difference between the 3 Star Vostroyan Korps Commander - 30' high walking chimera.  And the 2 Star ASL Divisional Commander - large capacity very tough crassus.

Still - more stuff to go on the mid year report can't be bad, even if it does need a little bit of fixing. Anyway, having a little bit of time, I thought I would examine all of the ASL assets.

ASL Chimerae, very rusty tracks; the sky/eau de nile/rotting flesh needs sorting out before any more work is done.

The rest of the ASL fleet - the LRMBT need some euro dust on the tracks.  Those little curiously constructed gun carriages need some dust as well.  And the muzzles need a bit of work as well.

The Stormsword has been done once (by JTS) in grey.  And this will get some rotting flesh/sky/eau de nile as well. The whole lot do hang together quite well.  The Stormsword is technically Gen Welbahn's tactical vehicle.  In reality, it's command is delegated to his crew chief, Kaptain Hammith, as Gen Welbahn has a whole Division to command, which is possible in the Crassus in a way it isn't from the cupola of the Stormsword.


  1. Oh I do love the sight of your motor pool en masse.

    The Crassus looks like it went together well which is always a worry with these big kits. The paint work likes fine from here - event the soot effect doesn't look as bad as that.

    That ATAT makes me chuckle.

  2. Oh that's not the motor pool.

    One day Zzzz needs to lay out each of his forces in thier entirety and take photos.

    THAT would get retweeted :)

  3. Sweet - always loved the Crassus model, and that's a great looking specimen. Good stuff, man!

  4. Crassus is a lump for sure. I think you've painted it just fine.

    Good to see you working on stuff sir.

  5. @ Frothy - it goes together well and has useful instructions, something of a coup for FW.

    @ Karitas, need more tables. I'll soon get to the point where I can't parade the goodies and the baddies at the same time.

    @ M7. Many thanks, Remembering lessons learned and not cutting corners does make models look better....

    @ Dai. You need one for your Canadians....