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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Not FW Tauros

OK, so you have seen all of the other models* out there which can proxy for these:

Arcing back to the 1990s, before 9/11 and the subsequent entanglements in Iraq and Afganistan, the British Army was trialling these:

Made by Wessex (and I don't know, but they might be the helicopter people ?).

The Wessex Saker is a space frame two man vehicle which mounts a heavy weapon.  The vehicle was envisaged as a recce vehicle; the FS role mentioned in the Tauros fluff is these days filled by the Jackel and so on; much bigger vehicles.

I think the upper two photos are old ones from the era when these vehicles were being trialled.  I'm also pretty sure that the bottom photo is from a re-enactment type event; hence the appliqué headlights and visible number plate (a "Q" plate in the UK is one given to a vehicle re-registered after being de-registered [by the Driver Vehicle Licence Agency] for some reason).  The number plate should really be arranged Q 598 OCR rather than Q5 98 OCR - it has been arranged like this to look more like a MoD registration.

Funny ol' world.

* Anyway, just in case you were wondering, here are some Tauros alternatives:

HALO Warthogs with the three barrelled gun replaced with an IG Auto Cannon

Here representing the Cadian 144th LRRR.

Antenocti's Warthog, Here serving the Cadian 127th.  A closed in lightly armoured four seater.

Antenocti's Viper, much smaller, a proper two man vehicle, again serving the Cadian 127th.

Antenocti's Bear SUV; unarmoured four seater serving the Cadian 24th

Antenocti's Zebu; four seater arbites cruiser.


  1. Antenocti make some damned fine designs. Bit pricey tho...

    Those last two Military Police?

    1. Sometimes. Depends what the game is.

      The postage to Wales is a bit less than to Kalifornia, one imagines....

  2. A very nice collection Zzzzzzz

  3. thank you for listing where each alternative came from. They look absolutely amazing

    1. Always a pleasure Doug, welcome to Devos IV !

  4. You ain't seen nothing yet, Zzzzzz.

    Trust me - I have seen the future, and THIS is it:


    Yup. That *does* say 'Vespa' in the link. Go on...