Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

More lil'men that I painted.

These guys are Malifaux Freikorps.  I was in the FLGS in the Wirral and saw these; they were an impulse purchase, but I kinda like them.  Why anyone commonly known as Friekorps would be seen brandishing a Colt 45 and Kukri god only knows, but I get the impression that that is the point of Malifaux.

Anyway, they are two likely candidates for a close protection team (counts as bodyguards), intrusion team (counts as deaf cult assassins) or just wounds for an inquisitorial warband.  I dare say that there'll be plenty of excuses to field them, it'll just depend what box they end up living in.

Two PDF 2nd Regt (La Gardia Presidentiale) grenadiers.  Scion arms and legs, pig iron swedes and 3rd party armoured torsos from the old, old version of what used to be Urban Mammoth's thingy.

I seriously need to do something about the purple ink spot on the tops of their heads.  It's not too bad in the dim light of the garage, but shows up quite badly in the daylight photos.  Ho hum.

Three officers from the 2nd (LGP) Regt.  There weren't really any to speak of before these three- obviously GW tank crew bodies and legs, assorted GW arms and a pair of Tamiya 1/35 binos - still smaller than the GW 1/58ish giant binos.  No wonder Cadians have big, manly arms, lugging all that over sized kit about.

The Officers in gas masks are Puppets War and the other dude has an Eisenkern Officer's head and the GW Officer's body with the medals.

And this is the Ad Mech AAA for protecting the precious Titans from baddies with aircraft.  It was red when I got it; I was basically practising weathering on it.  Hopefully what you see when you look at it is successive layers of mud dried in different colours.

I now think that narratively, it would have made more sense to the casual observer if the older, drier mud had been the lighter colour and the newer, wetter mud was darker - a lesson for future models. In case you're wondering, Salisbury Plain is mostly chalk just under the surface, so the deep liquid mud churned by tracks and HGVs is a sort of bleached bone type colour.


  1. Very nice. Liking how there's a variety of uniforms here.

    Especially like those Swedish PigIron heads. The helmets are cool and 2000AD bulky.

  2. That weathering on the tank looks great - definitely appears hes been fanging around in the sticky stuff!

    The lad with the Eisenkern head seems to be suffering from no neck syndrome, but aside from that, those three likely lads look the right stuff. The blue armour goes off well against those fatigues.

  3. Looking good. I agree FM regarding the one dude with "no neck syndrome" though. :) The weathering on the Rhino looks pretty good IMHO, but, i know there's always a but, it seems to go a bit to high up on the tank. Or at least it would have thinned out more before it got so high. Hmm.. I guess what I mean is density, it should be dense on the bottom, but lighter the higher up you go.

    meh, just ignore me this morning. I like it.

  4. @ Dai - Cheers, I know you like progress

    @ FM - I work with a couple of people who are that shape (I suspect most people do...) so I'm OK with this. And with bolt action and meridian miniatures guys appearing on the same table as Cadians. Obviously diet in the Hives of a high population world results in smaller people that of a garrison world where everyone gets DM rations and is a raised on a programme of rigorous exercise.

    @ Argos. Yes, I know what you mean.