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Friday, 15 May 2015

The Later Phases of the War

Belligera Rex - Acquisition of this asset is the major war aim of the Skull Takers

Danny Bloodcoat knew from the outset that any military action staged by the PDF would only ever be a holding action.  Facing the Imperial Guard as foe, rather than relief force, his delaying strategy was only ever supposed to be buying time for a negotiated settlement.

This negotiated settlement could have included an amnesty for the PDF soldiers, even perhaps the officers in the early stages.   But despite ensuring his staff kept asking their political masters about the negotiations, time has dragged on.  By the time the Imperial Guard attacked the Cudlip defence lines, any hope of clemency for the PDF was long past. 

The rebel leaders told the PDF that the Cruel Imperium had rebuffed any attempt at communication.  The truth might be that any communication might have had to have gone through the Inquisition, however a perhaps equally entrenched view point and radical dogma existed in the cultist dominated Benq regime.   There is a strong suspicion amongst the PDF Staff that their political masters approached the negotiations in a half-hearted manner, if at all.

Porn Cultists - The Slaneeshi controlled areas a teeming with them.

However the cultists in the regime had not been idle and had been trying to find help.  And their requirements were being answered.  But as ever with the fickle gods of chaos, what Slaanesh and Khorne have provided is perhaps not exactly what they expected.

Emperor's Children.
 A cohort of the Emperor’s Children has arrived, led by Eidolon, former Equerry to Fulgrim, now a Deamon Prince.   Almost all of the cults on Devos IV are Slaneeshi aligned.  The rulers of Benq are Slaneeshi cultists.  Regardless of other Slaneeshi aims, Eidolon is still fighting the war his master and his master’s gene-brothers began ten thousand years ago.  He sees the war Danny Bloodcoat is fighting.  For the time being, the invasion retarding plan remains the best way.  But what Eidolon sees is a need for more resources, he can’t punish the lackies of the false emperor with the remnants of the PDF alone.
Eidolon, Equerry to Fulgrim
When the Emperor's Children arrived, their appearance was spun by the Benq Government, to the population (included) as the arrival of Space Marines to save them from the invader.  reinforcing this impression, the emperor's children were almost instantly attacked by Wild Riders of Siam Hain, the perennial bogeymen of Devos IV's culture since mankind first set foot on this green and blue world, whenever that was. Of course, Danny Bloodcoat and his senior staff, having served in the wider Imperium, are well aware who their new allies are.  What they make of this remains to be seen. 

The tattered remains of the Skulltakers Warband, much depleted since their zenith on Vraks centuries ago, have arrived led by Zhufor. The Skulltakers are on Devos IV to claim Belligera Rex, a warhound titan inadvertently left behind by the War Griffins in the wake of WAAAHG Burkat.   Eidolon has given Zhufor passage to Devos IV, a chance to get a titan and somewhere to use it.


But Khorne is ever Slanesh’s rival.  So whereas all of these veterans of the long war have come from the Eye of Terror, there are also combatants arriving from the Sabat Worlds.  A detachment of Bloodpact have arrived; probably hidden amongst the convoys bringing supplies and reinforcements for 72AG.  Khorne likes iteration and after the PDFs experiences, there is a good chance that the Bloodpact will stiffen the Bloodcoats and draw them closed to Khorne.

The Lord of Decay will not be left out.  Warpsmiths of The Cleaved have arrived in the ruins of San Cantor and resurrected any servitor that they could find.  


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