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Monday, 26 April 2010

blogger help please

I've down loaded live writer. It does not show up anywhere. When I go the 'download more stuff from MS' page it tells me that I already have writer. But there is no response to clicking on any of the places where it says 'writer' on that page.

And when I go to the blog and right click, (Where it used to say 'paste', which is, after all, what I'm trying to do) I get the drop down menu with the 'blog using windaz live' option on it. And when I click on that, it just takes me back to the 'download more stuff from MS' page.

So, now blogger is broken (yes it is broken. a function that worked perfectly a fortnight ago, [the ability to paste documents and hyerlinks] has ceased to function). And the recommended fix, live writer, appears for all the world to be a circular reference to something that I've downloaded but cannot access.

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