Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Modest but satisfying progress 3

This piece will be a sort of "Wall of Heros" with bits of wire hanging out perpendicular to the wall, supporting a load of banners (I have some left from our RT days and can down load more from t'web). My aspiration is that this will be quite a long piece, with ruined wall at the ends and old tattered banners amongst the rubble. I am contemplating this actually being the back of it; the other side has less detail and therefore the interest generated by the banners will not have to compete with the detail on the kit.


  1. The banners sound challenging to make.

  2. I have some from 1984. They are paper, but painted with enamels, so they've lasted quite well. I'll see if I can't photo them over the w/e. As for newer ones, I plan on just downcasting them from the interweb; There's loads out there, mostly on Dawn of War websites.