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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Modest but satisfying progress 2

I had some flying butress bits left over from the pegasus gothic building kits. So, in a sort of brain fart kind of way I threw this together and topped it off with CoD walls. Now, as a building, this could have a conceivable purpose (a ritual purpose, for fans of time team). I could put a ladder up the inside and a hatch in the floor, but it'd sort of spoil the aestetic.
So despite it not really having a purpose in a normal building sort of way, it will make a great place for a unit in a city fight. So, I'll fill the holes, mount it and it'll join the painting queue. This is the pegasus building I was looking at a few weeks ag0. Now that the weather is better and it's light a little longer my Monday night is not confined to splashing paint over the little men. All of these 'modest but satisfying progess #' posts were the work of one Monday evening. And when the light did go, I was able to watch two episodes of "Firefly". One of the apoc generals has loaned me the boxed set and it's really similar to our old traveller adventures.
This is it with the large peice of foam core from the picture above trimmed down to fit. Two more peices have been cut to fit around the columns at the end and fill the gaps. The balsa (firework tails) has been cut to reinforce the floor. Another peice of old firework has been drilled and pinned to provide an apex for the roof. This beam means that I don't have quite so much jiggery pokery to do when I make the roof. And the sides could be seperate...

This is it with the floor the correct way up. You can see from the angle of the gable end that the roof is supposed to come down to the wall on the inside of the lugs for the top of the columns. Fortunately the Pegasus and CoD sets have enough gargoyles to decorate the column tops, bit I suspect that I shall have to cut the lugs off.

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