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Thursday, 15 April 2010


OK. It appears I cannot now paste into blogger from my clip board at all. Not links nor documents. What has changed ? I'm doing exactly the same thing.

Death to the IT Geeks !

It's let me paste the word.doc in the comments bit, of course. How silly of me, from now on I'll just put headlines up here and expect everyone to read through the comments to see what I actually wanted to post. >aaaargh<

(Pasting into the comments box has upset the formatting so it won't actually be in there.)

I'll keep trying.


  1. I started using windows live writer for my blog compositions and havent ever looked back.

  2. It happens to me occasionally, normally sorts itself out by the time I come to post again, so I wouldn't stress mate.

  3. Cheers gents.

    I try to be concious of my penchant to rant and moan. I'd not want my blog to become a maisma of failure and angst.

    Going to have a look at windows live writer. Now.