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Saturday, 3 April 2010

What was I thinking of ?

Prompted by an e-mail from Ron, I sort of laid out why I'm simultaniously building four armies and planet for them to fight over.

Y'see ? When you say it in one sentence, it's over quick and doesn't hurt at all.

Breaking it down into bits gives names to the pain/plastic crack mountain:

4x BMP
60 ish cadians to be assembled as Bloodcoats (FW & Pig Iron Productions bits)
four rear turret Chimera
four LRMBT
three Valks
The tower (two posts down) and the attendant Chapel
Aqilla Shrine and banner displaying wall
two foam core ruined buildings
two cobras
three falcons
three prisms
twenty avengers
three wolverine armoured cars
sundry other pits and character models that I cannot remember at the moment. (at least two Strakens [one for each side])

And that's without all the painting let over from last year.

Small steps eh ?

The first step is to stop buying any more. I have four more LRMBT and three more Valks on order (sort of). And some more Eldar to pick up. It's money that I've already spent. So no more purchases. Except maybe a copy of Battle Missions and the next IA book when that comes out. But taking a leaf out of other FTW blogs, they can be stage rewards perhaps.

And I need a regular slot in the week to spend painting and gluing. Monday night looks like being favourite - double Corrie. I can spend that in the garage.

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