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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Star wars counts as Valk (?)

Here is the star wars click together Republic Gunship from Revell. It could be thrown together with out glue and is pre-painted (as shown on the box) with a certain degree of weathering (enough for the tabletop, anyway). And it's next to the GW Valk. The next picture shows the fusilage sides and wings of both kits next to each other. You can see that they are of similar dimensions, although I suspect that the Valk may be slightly larger when finally assembled.
The pain comes with the apparent scale of the Revell kit. The little ISTs you can see here really are tiny in comparison to a WH40k figure. So the cockpit of the republic gunship, which takes a whole seated crew clone and his oppo; and their ejector seats, are most likely going to be replaced with the top portion of a cadian torso and a head. If you can imagine a real person in a glider, that's what it'll look like. fortunately, with the canopy as well (not as clear as the valk one), it should be ok.

The gunship was from www.modelhobbies.co.uk for £22.98. With suitble changes to the weapons and perhaps a mod to turn the pointy pods on the roof into engines, it certainly has potential.


  1. One of the locals used that (or a similar kit) as a vendetta, can see a couple pics of it in action here:

  2. I'm very interested to see how this turns out!!

  3. I think that Vendetta would be the most elegant use for one of these. Vultures would be bestest, but they are more than the Valk and the gunship is considerably less expensive than that. I'm sure I have las cannons laying around from predators and sentinals so it could look alright; if it were built by someone with any patience.

    Looking at SoT's photos, the scale might not jar too greatly. But it definately needs fortykay-if-ickation.