Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Modest but satisfying progress 1

Here's the roof for the tower. Now I have the shape I can use this to cut the plasticard tiled roof to the right shape. I plan on leaving the roof removable, in case it gets shot off during a game. So the tower will obviously be needing a floor for the snipers/devistators/pathfinders.
The floor wasn't particularly co-operative when it came to staying in place. So I drilled holes in the walls and pushed a couple of lengths of wire through for the floor to rest on. The masking tape and block on the left of the photo are just there to retain the wire (and glue) when the section is on its side waiting for the glue to set.

So the tower is nearly done. Looks like it'll need painting soon.
And welcome to the Cadian 127th.

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