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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

22nd Armegeddon Steel Legion Armd Regt

In their penultimate incarnation, the 22nd Armd Regt formed part of the right flank at the battle of Hades Hive. During that battle the regiment, which had fought all the way through the Second War for Armageddon, finally ran out of staying power or luck and was rendered Hors de Combat.

Due to the massive population of Armageddon, Imperial Guard regiments can easily be raised through volunteer efforts, drafts, and even from street gangs. In addition to this, Armageddon is one of the prime manufacturers of the Chimera transport tank for the fighting forces of the Imperium. This means the Imperial Guard forces stationed upon the planet are able to field a large number of these sturdy transport vehicles. These Armageddon Steel Legions make use of air filtration masks as well as the airtight Chimeras to effectively fight in and traverse across the vast ash wastes that surround the hives of Armageddon.

The current 22nd Armd Regt is a new formation built around a cadre of Armageddon tank veterans. The 22nd are arranged into eight squadrons of four troops. Each Squadron also has a formation of armoured sentinels for recce and screening operations.

Despite their home planet’s ability to produce armoured vehicles, the 22nd were dispatched with only 2/3rds of their slated Leman Russ. The shortfall in combat power is being made up by detachments from 699th (Armageddon) Steel Legion; The 699th were a Mechanised Infantry regiment but they have been reduced down to reinforced company strength. To fulfill their new role they have been reorganised into Troops of three Chimera. The 699th would have been used as a cadre to rebuild the regiment, however, they have lost all of their senior officers and their commissar; hence their deployment in support of the tanks of the 22nd.

Departmento Munitorium regulations prohibit mixed teeth arm formations; therefore despite the 699th elements being taken into the 22nd’s chain of command, they remain separately numbered in order to comply with the regulations.

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