Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 12 July 2010

first Valkyrie.

This shows the two grey&grey colour schemes off quite well. The =I=FV has a hard edged four colour scheme and the Valkyrie has a two tone mottled pattern on the top and sides, the underside is another shade lighter again. The =I=FV is mostly in Tamiya acrylics and the Valk in Vallejo Airbrush goodness. The air crew. All of the aircrew of the 50th Tactical Lift Wing will have different coloured helmets. Just like the cast of "Top Gun". They are Pig Iron heads.
The Valk paint scheme needs metal and burns on the engine outlets and vapour trails therefrom. Then the lenses and a tail number. Also a bit of colour on the ML and HB. And I should have filled in those two little dents in the nose. Oh well. This was my first Valkyrie and took me more or less most of Friday to get from opening the box to here. I'm going to look at the Star Wars Republic Gunship next.
The 50th TLW do not see themselves as close air support. They see themselves as a movement asset; inserting and extracting. They may well shy away from Hot LZ.

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