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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wolverine Armoured Car WIP 2

Do you remember these ? (Am I turning my blog into a memory test ? I get lost sometimes - my WIP accumulating space being the size of a single garage, I have to look on here to find out what I should be looking at) With mud guards and a bit of stowage they look much better.
Still undecided about fixing a bumper to the front of each. Ideally, It'd be the sort of quarter-fender each side with a winch in the middle arrangement seen on a lot of WW2 kits. But all I actually have is a load of ol' sprue. I can do a plain bumper ok, but would it look right, I wonder ?

Anyway, this is with a coat of camo black green (again, Vallejo air). These will be plain green with unit numbers and Cadian Gate badges. Really they should be black ones as these are supposed to be the sneaky 144th LRRR, but hey, they wouldn't show up as well.

And another view, just for variety. I'll be following the paint scheme for a russian tank from one of the modelling glossies, so wish me luck.


  1. Mate: these are looking great, and it's a cracking choice of colour, too!

  2. Cheers ! They look even better now...