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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

England's Shame

No. Not the world cup. Analytically, we did far better against the DKK than Argentina did, so we shouldn't feel too bad. After all, even if we'd pulled back to a draw, it would have gone to a penalty shoot out.

But I digress. We've been to the SE corner of France for a bit. Which involved driving quite a long way (if you're American and reading this, it was a long way for us).

The French are better motorway drivers than we are.

There, I've said it. Hard to countenance, difficult to swallow, but true. A lot of it could be down to mostly having two lane motorways, instead of three. But generally, the French motorway user will pull out to overtake (yes, beginning from lane 1 [!]), overtake and then pull in again. Unlike the large population of middle lane driving cretins who are sadly allowed to make our motorways more stressful, frustrating and ultimately, dangerous places by staying in lane 2 for their entire journey.


  1. bon chance, matey.
    mid-lane cruising should be a capital offence.

  2. I like to think of myself as a reasonable, well adjusted man. Turned out quite well by a decent comprehensive, "Think of a number" and "Why don't you ?".

    I do not like the way I sometimes end up behaving because of other people's bad practice. It's like one part of me is shaking a metaphorical head at the bit driven (sic) to cutting up the numb-brained.

    And now I sound like a pretentious knob on my own blog ! Aaaaaargh !