Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Valkyrie Alternative 2

Here it is next to the real Valk. I have sprayed most of it with grey primer prior to putting it together (there is grey primer on the wing facing you, just not very much). The tiddly little gun things have been replaced with a LRMBT LC and a bit of plastic tubing. Which I suppose must be the HB. You can see it sizes up quite well. It has an opening rear ramp and working side doors.
And a stern chaser/LZ clearing HB to the rear as well. There is a mini missile rack on the top, but that would have be ignored for 'counts as' purposes. It could easily be plasticarded over.

The kit went togther ok, in a fraction of the time a Valkyrie does. It has less than 50 parts and is 'snap together'. Since these photos have been taken it has gained a coat of khaki, except for the undersides, which remain light grey. Er, dunno where I'm going with the colour scheme, but I'll think of something.

And it even has a flying stand ! Although I might swap that carbuncle for a GW one.


  1. £22 and some pence, JL.