Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


A selection of half finished stuff.

I've not got enough half finished projects kicking around. So I shall go here http://www.victorialamb.com/store.html to get a few bits. A box of Catchananans will get penal troopers torso(s) and the las gun arms (penal troops being undeserving of enourmous should guards).

A box of Gors will get Catachan torso(s) and arms. This will mean hacksawing the Gor bodies to get the legs, but will give a convincing squad of beastmen.

A box of Cadians will be put togeather with kilts and Tam'o'shanter heads. The spare legs will get FW Vraks bodies and arms.

Four quite different and characterful squads from a bit of cuttin' and shuttin'.

Monday, 16 January 2012

What would improve my hobby expereince.

A picture of a wedding - a lot of people's expereice of commitment.

I was pondering my dodgy feelings of ambivalence and general 'meh' towards 40k and gaming in general the other day. I came to the conclusion that what was lacking was commitment. On my part.

If I put more in, I'll get more out. Simples, as the merekats would cheerily chirp. I'm sure that Jervis has delivered many a homily whoes subject, direct or alegorical, has been commitment. Quite a few people in the blogosphere have made commitments in the form of lists of things to build/paint this year. Which is kool.

But looking at things which require my commitment this year (the girl in the white dress, my job, the dogs, my own looming health crisises and the general decripid state of some of my nearest and dearest) there's only a limited amount of stuff I can realistically manage.

So this year I will play three games.

That's the same as this year. Doesn't seem unreasonable. Any finished wee men or vehicles (ie finished by me) will be a bonus.