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Friday 26 December 2014

2014 Progress - The Grand Round Up.

OK,  So this is a years progress ploughing into the plastic crack mountain.  The rules were no expenditure unless it was to finish off a part of one of the projects, ie two predators to complete the Black Templars was allowable and entirely within the rules.

Violations include two knights, because how was I to know that GW'd release giant killer robots (?!). And an Elysian Army, which was a speculative punt on ebay that I didn't think would win.

All that aside, the list is now split into two parts, one of which will disappear next year.  I think that once again, an undertaking not to start new project-ettes will be the way to go next year.  There's still loadsa work on the second part of this list that still needs doing.

I just hope that the progress made this year meets with Col Scipio's approval (?)

Without further ado, then.  Done :

DKK Infantry - Done
DKK Fd Arty (in a box)  Done
DKK Cavalry (in a bigger box) Done
Void Dragons - Done
Half a dozen Inquisitorial Warbands (all done, all delivered)
Corbanian 2nd Regt - Done
Two Imperial Knights Done
Additional Officers (Imperial - sent away) Done 
Devos IV "Fen Guard" unit Done.  Delivers soon. 
Small AT AT command vehicle (needs rebuilding and Vostroyan paint scheme)Smashed again ! Needs rebuilding.  Rebuilt a second time. Done
T-Hawk.  Just needs paint. Now WIP but no progress for ages. Gonna call this done. 
A Whole load of Black Templars cobbled together and sent for painting. Done
Additional Heavy Weapons - need paint Mortars, Las Cannons and Carriage guns done.  
DKK Engr Chimera - needs assembly (needs Chimera !  hahahahha)  Assembled.  Painted.  Done. 

Not Done yet:

DKK Salamanders - need finishing off. Slow extra steps taken + more !
Valhallans (need paint) Done !  Need a major basing event, though. Based. 
3rd Thunderer Conversion.  (Then all three would be ready for paint) No Progress Two under and base coated.
Additional Officers (Not Imperial - just a pile of parts at the mo') Now assembled.  I've started painting them.
"Word Bearers" er, um, tbc. 
Leviathan Mortis' - need construction, conversion and paint. No Progress
DKK Grenadiers (lost children of another army....you guessed it, in a box.) No Progress but new legs bought for conversions.
Full Size ATAT fleet (need assembly, conversion and painting) No Progress
DKK Hydrae (Always keep six spare Chimerae kits waiting; need assembly and painting) Admiral Drax popped by and assembled two of them for me.  He's gonna build the other four as well !
Thunderbolts - Jeager Gruppe 52 decals purchased. Karitas popped by and assembled one and has taken the other away to assemble.
Clone wars Vendetta conversions  Vendetta Kits purchased.  Fans needed for engines. 
World Eaters Land Raider
Meridian Infantry
TGG Kickstarter girls
And then a trawl of what's left in the boxes. -
Other KS stuff that's due to arrive

So then, that's it for 2014.  Let's see how much more I can get done next year.  So for the first week of next year, I'll put up some of this year's reinforcements - nothing I've not put up before, but who doesn't like pictures of iggies ?

Tuesday 23 December 2014

The end of times.

In case you'd n'er seen it, Wobbly model syndrome is a 40K web comic.  Sometimes inspired, sometimes oblique or obscure, but always entertaining.

It's here: Wobblymodelsyndrome

Anyway, the author is pulling the plug, quitting whilst he is still ahead, as it were.

With so many of us quitting 40K for FoW, Starwars and 30K, it really does look like the end of times.

Oh well. it's only a hobby.

Update for 07 Mar 15.  Now Polish Minatures is folding up as well.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Bloodcoat bodyguards

So, these fellows are supposed to be some sort of elite within the Devos IV PDF's 99th Infantry Regt.  Hence the power fist and bolt pistol guy leading two long-las and camelioline sharpshooters.

I think these boys have come out slightly better than the officers but are still not quite up to scratch.  I do enjoy the overall effect these guys have, but things like the paint discipline fail where their arms meet the cloak lining is somewhat vexing.  Now, I may have made a rod for my own back choosing the comparatively bright blue, but nonetheless, should have been able to spot and fix that before packing the whole lot away.

Now I've pointed it out, you see it every time, don't you ? tsk.

I like this, he does look suitably sinister.

And the camo on the cloaks worked OK as well.

That's quite possibly it until the annual round up, thanks for watching...

Sunday 14 December 2014

I hope you're sitting down, because I've painted something.

I threw some paint at the Bloodcoat Officers.  And I suppose that as this represents progress, I ought to share.  However, there are somethings that I'm not overly enamored with, so here we go;

These guys look fine for TT.  Viewed from 4' away, they blend in nicely with the rest of the army - job done, we it were.  Now the fellow in the Scion overcoat is General Horpan ('Danny Bloodcoat' to his men).  Mostly happy, but there's bits where my  paint discipline has failed and the result is messy and untidy.  Especially in close up photos - possibly more so than IRL.

The effect on the vox-op's armour I am happy with, a tick that success.

Nelson X's sash is a bit meh, having spread to his shirt in two places.  And the colour changes on his big brown boots are a little too subtle.

The blue of his hatband is all over the cap's peak, there is blue from the targetter on the shroud, brass from his leg armour on his trousers and grey from his trousers on his leg armour.  And the grey is all over the base, whereas it should be black - this is on all of them.

There's detail on Tacticae Napoleon's cuffs that's not been picked out (probably because I couldn't see it when I was actually doing the painting) but at least his hair and face came out better than Nelson X's.

Over all, as these guys will spend most of their lives in an army case and I'm not out to win prizes, these are OK for the time being.  They are now packed away for the winter anyways.  Hopefully, by the time spring comes 'round again, I'll a) remember what the improvements are and b) be bothered to do them.

Another couple of painted figures (same woes though) in a couple of days.

Friday 12 December 2014

Mr. Pie Ramblings: "I hear they sung..."

Mr. Pie Ramblings: "I hear they sung...": I recently responded to a Facebook thing about “'five albums that made me what I am”. Obviously, it was hard to narrow it down to j...

OK, now you need to know that 'Mr Pie' here is a friend of some 40 years; one of the four Apoc Generals, no less.  Someone asked him a question about "Five Albums That Made Me What I Am".  Most of the time our discussions about music centre around his penchant for "industrial grind" the type of thing Abnett refers to as 'Pound'.

Anyway, I was thinking about music that means something to be and it occurred to me that lots of music does affect me, emotionally (which is the point of music, n'est pas ?), but it almost either has a very strong context of its own in the first place or has a strong context for me, personally.

An obvious example is the last post.  I've been one of the quarter guard, arms reversed, around Dunstable war memorial on Remembrance Day.  As a youngster I did it in scout uniform, freezing my young arse off, often in the pissing rain, but I got it, even at eleven years old.  Being there 'for real' was more about getting the unfamiliar rifle drill right.  Now I don't do that anymore, it's more about a personal act of remembrance for me.  So, yeah, the last post is piece of music that can stop me from doing something.

But that came to mind after this;

I wanted to mention as well the closing theme to Dads Army.  It was a superb comedy, but it did always have an edge to it.  That edge was the Warmington on Sea Platoon of the Home Guard conducting something in between a bayonet charge and a more tactical 'advance to contact'.  If you watch it without the sound it might strike you as another bit of farce, in the vein of the episode.

But with the attendant sound track, what you have is a last ditch defence of a beloved homeland, England's Volkstrum.  A bunch of retirement age soldiers, most of whom had already served their time in the trenches thirty years before, once again taking up arms.  We see them advancing through a bombardment (albeit simulated) and the camera fades to the sound of the air raid siren - an eerie and penetrating noise my parents grew up with.  And of course the sequence ends without us really knowing if it was an exercise - of course it was !  Wasn't it ? - surely the whole point of the home guard was that these men were, once again, in most cases, putting themselves in harms way (to use a modern phrase).

Anyway, the closing credits of Dads Army, strange though it may seem, is another piece of music that resonates with me.

There are other non-military pieces that also  touch something here, (the theme to game of thrones is exciting) but I thought someone out there might find this vaguely interesting.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Social whirl

I've just been for a nice cup of tea with The Responsible One at a chain coffee emporium between Marylebone and Baker Street.

We had a nice chat (he's quite good at it) for about an hour on house prices, job security and the concentric rings of cost of houses, which is centered on W1 somewhere.

And amongst the other things that cropped up on the periphery, kickstarters, sources of mid-eighties citadel metals, 40K LARP (no, really, I've seen the picts.  But Aberdeen ? Really ?!?!).  And of course struggling through one's plastic crack mountain.

Anyway, the point of this post is that it is a marker, an aide memoire for me; I have some Chimera parts to locate somewhere in the garage.  I will let you all know when I find them and hopefully at some point in the grim darkness of the far future, The Responsible One will show us their eventual employment.

And here's a not - tank.  'cause tanks are festive.  Well, in winter 'flage at least.

More soon(ish).

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Tabletop Fix: Gamecraft Miniatures - 28mm Blackhawk Down "Target...

Tabletop Fix: Gamecraft Miniatures - 28mm Blackhawk Down "Target...: Gamecraft Miniatures released the Blackhawk Down "Target Building" in 28mm scale: Link:  Gamecraft Miniatures

Yes way.  At last !

Now then, how can I persuade Mrs Z to buy this for Christmas ?

Friday 14 November 2014

Deeper into the bitzbox

 Cadian with Scion hellgun.

He will possibly end up in 902 Div HQ somewhere - Gen Cdt Wellbahn could possibly do with a bodyguard.

Now, I know these are Preatorians (Vicky Lamb heads and legs - stunningly good service [again]), but saw Col Winterbourne do some and thought that they were so kool that I wanted some too.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but they are just such fun to look at.

Monday 10 November 2014

Munching through the bitz box

Bodyguards for Danny Bloodcoat.  Pig Iron heads, scion bits and Urban Mammoth torsos.

Same again but optimised for close combat.  This time with Heresy Miniatures 'skull mask' heads.

Another three specialists - two with Cadian sniper arms and cloaks and one with a bolt pistol & power fist.

That's more or less it for scion bits, now, just a couple to show you next post.

Saturday 8 November 2014

I'm still here !

Just been a bit distracted.

Here's Dubrovnik from the Napoleonic fort on the hill overlooking it.  Well worth a visit, but try not to be there when the cruise ships put in for the day, as the city gets extra over swamped with tourists.

Saturday 18 October 2014

Tauros by Blood & Skulls Industries.

For those of you who arn't aware, Blood & Skulls Industries make resin bits for popular plastic AFV Kits.  (but unlike Chapter House, don't actually use GW's names).

I caught this on ere toob and thought it interesting enough to share:

Oh, and by "Spikey Bitz" as well:

Monday 13 October 2014

Guardsman-A-Day: Consider: the Autocannon (continued)

Guardsman-A-Day: Consider: the Autocannon (continued): Hawley Gun, portside view. A mechanically simple design.

I don't know if you have this on your blogroll or not (unless you're Admiral Drax, who is my gateway to 'Guardsman-A-Day').  But this is unlike all of our other blogs.

This blog is, quite simply, art.  In and of itself.

What you get is not necessarily a guardsman per se, but a slightly abstract window on one Astra Militarum deployment.

The regiment appear to have been not entirely standardised in the first place and appear to have been deployed and then forgotten about by the DM.  The upshot of which is, as you browse the blog that bits are variously trying to remain staunchly Iggy, other bits are going feral and there's a hint that some of the farest flung bits might actually be turning into the enemy that they were sent to Litmus Prime to counter.

I suspect (and hope) that we are not going to get a definitive answer any time soon.

Some of the modelling and colourschemes might not be to everyone's taste or idea of what the IG aesthetic should be, but I think that this is part of this piece of art's engaging mechanism.  As you browse through it, you never know quite what you'll see next (ie a model where every single component has come from a different kit), let alone what it might be.

Intriguing and well worth a Liebster.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Not breaking my own rules for 2014. But if I did...


Friday 19 September 2014

902 Div Staff Officers

New FW figures on scibor bases.  The officer in the senior officer's helmet is brandishing a Heresy miniatures las pistol with integral sight. 

Of course these arn't really new FW figures.  Just head swaps. 

From the box DKK vox operator and a commissar with a FW cadian gas mask head. 

It took several chops to shave the poor ol' head down to a decent fit. 

A bodyguard body, commissar head, vicky lamb sword arm, heresy las pistol. 

All FW bits. I think these make good officers. 

Here they are together, chatting amiably about martyring their regiments for the Emperor. Which is what passes for banter in DKK formations. 

Tuesday 16 September 2014

More Officers.

These fellows are the staff for La Guardia Presedentialae 2nd Devos Regt 

With their obligado base toppers and Puppetswar heads.

And the squat form of their orbital defence officer (with his Eisenkarn head). 

The guy on the left will be a 13th Mech Regt.  He is Catachan bits with a Scion beret head and a flagellant's torch arm. 

The guy on the right with the gangsta plasma pistol will be in USMC dress uniform.  Jus' because. 

Friday 12 September 2014

More Bloodcoat Officers.

General ("Danny Bloodcoat") Horpan (Scion Officer with Puppetswar head) and his attendant vox officer (scion vox, cadian legs and Pig Iron head).  The base topper under Danny B is a freebie from someone somewhere.

Captain bitzbox, Admiral Nelsonx and Tacticae Napoleonx.  The resin bases, like the base topper under Nelson were freebies from somewhere.  I've had them ages and thought they needed using. 

Captain Bitzbox is an Iggy tank commanders head, cadian arms, torso cut from a wargames factory greatcoat body.  And pig iron legs.  Not quite the stylish sculpt the other two are, but he has character. 

Corporation Major General

And this guy is in there as well.  But I can't get his sword arm to stay  on, So this is picture from t'interweb.

These fellows are of course the high command types for the Bloodcoats.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Late war account from the rebel side.

Bare concrete ceilings arched across large but not vast spans. Cavernous halls, some with triple bunkbeds and some with boxes of stores, stretched away for several hundred meters.  Naked bulbs hung on their wires, casting a harsh, uncompromising light on the bodies pressed together within.  Occasionally sirens in other parts of the city would wail and the lights would go off, at these times, everyone would hush, as if the bombers flying overhead might hear their individual pleas or curses.
The atmosphere inside the building was close and subtly uncomfortable.  The shelters had been built with a functioning Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, but it was geared for only an eighth of the people now in it and during the war, parts of it had been cannibalised for higher priority things like AFVs and Airframes.  It struggled audibly and subjected the inmates to occasional wild variations in temperature and humidity; Not so bad that everyone inside felt as if they were being suffocated, but more as if there were not enough air circulating within for the number of people using it; Various groups were trying to work without being too disturbing to their neighbours, but this resulted in a constant ululating hum that added to the headache inducing atmosphere.

It was a vast improvement, nonetheless, on the chaos of the previous month.  Bombarded urban areas had proved effective as temporary bunkers when immediately assaulted by the enemy, but protracted fighting amongst the smashed infrastructure meant that sub units might be sat over trapped gas pockets, an uncomfortable feeling when being mortared.  Every scrape, hollow and foxhole was as likely to fill with furnace fuel oil or sewerage as it was with rainwater.  And units could not effectively be supplied, controlled or extracted once the tenuous communication links were broken.
And the enemy had firepower to spare.  Their apparently inexhaustible infantry (in both senses) were well supported by armour and field artillery.  Their Heavy Artillery was never too far away and they appeared to enjoy complete air superiority.   Deliberate assaults on defended positions might take out a tank or two and could catch their infantry in a crossfire or enfilade if preparation time allowed, but the enemy’s preparatory bombardment was always greater.

There seemed to be a constant close air patrol of fighter bombers or Vultures covering them, even when things seemed to be going well.

Eventually, hiding in the ruins of the small villages obliterated along their route of march was recognised as merely providing their medium bombers and heavy artillery with target practice.  At the outset of the rainy season, defensive operations had switched to rural deployments.  Shattered formations had precious little time to regroup before the enemy armoured recce and cavalry began fanning out and hunting them down.

Again, as soon as any contact was made, the invaders withdrew to a safe distance whilst their close air support engaged troops dug into hasty positions in soft earth.  On rare occasions, a brave T-65 pilot would hedgehop into the forward area and pick off an enemy tank or two before the fighter bombers carelessly jettisoned their external stores in order to give chase.  It was even rarer for the lone T-65 pilot to make it back.   But this show of defiance was good for morale and showed that the invaders were not invulnerable.

Abandoning position after position meant that within two months the defenders had lost all of their heavy weapons, vehicles, support services and to-hand supplies.  They were either living off the land or looting what was left in the shattered towns and villages.  Generally speaking they were low on ammunition, their main weapon was now the booby trap or hasty minefield.  Their formations and units were broken and scattered.  However, the lack of cohesion meant that groups the invaders did catch were small and unable to reveal anything of use. 

Eventually, the general order was given for all remaining formations to re-group for re-deployment to the Capital.  As sub units met in the dark confusion reigned.  The enemy was keen to disrupt any re-grouping and would drop commandos to attack the temporary camps in the dark; men would flail in the mud and loose weapons and ammunition; tents would collapse, everything sank into the mud.  People close to the limits of their endurance would only move because others crashed into them.
The previous years of training of the regular cadres and the preparedness of the militia made a huge difference when it came to escaping the camps and marching, wading, through the night only to sink back into mud, sleeping wrapped in sodden tents when they were far enough away; but they had got away, even if they had lost everything.  Not only weapons and ammunition, but all sorts of mundane but important equipment was lost between the urban warfare, the flight through the mud and the eventual re-deployment in Xyphonica.

Only the foresightedness of Planetary Command in pre-pacing hidden bomb proof shelters and arms caches (and other supply dumps) meant that the remaining defenders were still armed. Tired dirty men, some still with mud in their ears and noses, were re-armed before they were fed or allowed to rest.

The vast reinforced bunkers were originally intended to shelter the civilian population from air raids, but most civilians had fled the city.  And besides, the enemy had amply demonstrated that this was a genocidal war – the distinction between combatant and non-combatant had long since lost any meaning.

At such strong points across the city, the defenders waited with increasing disquiet.  The nightly air raids were smashing the infrastructure; water, power and heating were no longer to be taken for granted.  In some places, it was only the foresight that re-laid the cities utilities as district cells that meant that those places had any services at all.  After three years of war, the hospitals were all but out of drugs and other medical supplies.  In some districts, there was no way through for vehicles due to collapsed buildings. 

Fires, where they were, raged unchecked.  Casualties were fortunate indeed to be taken to one of the non-functioning hospitals.  The writing was quite obviously on the wall, if they did not get help from somewhere soon, the invaders would reduce the city and overrun the ruins. 

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Is there a plan for when we've won ?

The aftermath of the war is something that Comptroller Bellormus has considered.  One of the war aims of the Devos IV Campaign is to preserve, as far as reasonably practicable, the food producing capability of the planet. 

The loyalist continent of Acer had seen some pro separatist riots before hostilities broke out, but the agitators have all been interred by the secret police.  There were a few sporadic air raids, but these amounted to little more than harassment.  There were a series of localised fights and interventions at the North Eastern seaport of Bruboxvillie, which whilst serious in themselves, posed no real threat to the success of the campaign.

The population of Acer remains largely intact, indeed, has raised three regiments for the Imperial Guard.  The Imperial census for Devos IV estimated a population of approaching twenty millions.  Comptroller Bellormus’ reckoning made it more like eight millions.

Food production in the seas around Acer continues largely unaffected by the war, manufacturing and processing on Acer remains the focus of the remaining population.  What has suffered is the herding culture and cattle towns (abattoirs and freeze drying plants) as the Imperial Guard pursues a scorched earth policy in its advance across the rebellious continent of Benq.  Along with the stated aim of destruction of the historical planetary capital, this has caused Comptroller Bellormus to exclude what survivors there might possibly be from his calculations.

With the sanction, endorsement, backing and instruction of the Ordo Hereticus, upon whose behalf this war of liberation was launched, Comptroller Bellormus has suggested that in answer to overcrowding on a hive world, a number of persons be displaced in order to ease the congestion; these people could be sent to Devos IV to assist re-building the population with Emperor fearing loyal citizens, perhaps even with a long term view to restoring the population to its census level.
He briefly flirted with the idea of suggesting that the lift fleet might do some of the fetching and carrying, but in truth, the military capability was already committed.

The Governor of Palladia immediately saw an opportunity.  He might not be able to export any of the population of Edethor – doubtless they were too well known as a rebellious, fractious mob.  But he could make some space; financial incentives to all parties, some bigger than others, would, in the medium and long term, be compensated for through taxation.  And a social restructure in a Hive Cluster would be an excuse a reason to restructure the tax system.  And so the Danter Hive cluster lost fourteen and a half million souls[1] in the space of a fortnight.  These people were loaded up into the fleet of a rogue trader consortium, contractually arranged for the very purpose. 

Effectively then refugees within their own Imperium, these fourteen and a half million hive worlders would be delivered in just eighteen months to a world that needed them, but was in no way ready for them.  And quite frankly, they were in no way ready for it.  There would be a programme of training and indoctrination during the voyage, but being part financed by the Ecclesiasty, it was devotional in tone and content, not of practical value.

Such are the vagaries of the Warp that Comptroller Bellormus would never receive the astropathic message informing him of these events.  The message was eventually received by the Devos XII astropath station six standard years after Comptroller Bellormus' death many light years away on Hydraphur; but that would be decades into the future. When the immigrants arrived, it was a bit of surprise.  The Imperial Navy intercepted the fleet at the edge of the system and signalled Imperial High Command.  Effectively, there were then two weeks, whilst the fleet transited real space, to prepare for their arrival.

Fortunately by that time, the war was all but over.  And as a food producer with established supply routes and good space faring connections, the resulting humanitarian plight was a shadow of what it could have been; The departmento had already created infrastructure and supply chains dirtside that would cope with the influx and by keeping control of how many were migrated, at what rate and to which locations, the first migrants were already net contributors before half of them had set foot on their new world.  It took three years before the last of the consortium fleet left the Devos system. 

[1] Out of 2.1 Billion across six hives.  It might not seem much, but would allow the Hive rulers enough wriggle room in terms of socio-economic policy changes to stave off a major block war for another decade and a half.

Friday 29 August 2014

DKK Vehicle Fleet progress 2014.

It's the w/e of 16/17 Aug and Mrs Z has had a wisdom tooth out; so whilst she is recuperating, I've got a few hours in the garage. 

You can see here the camouflage, decals and luggage on a representative Salamander.

The whole fleet out for a pin wash and mud on the tracks.  This is what thirty nine LR and Chimerae chassis' looks like; there are still six hedgehog pattern Hydrae, one thunderer and two lynx to add.  The ones that look as if they are a different colours are still wet.

The DKK riposte to the King Russ, including pin wash.  I'll pin the tracks out flat and weather them and then add them to the model.  And do a bit of work on the commander as well.  Along with the rest of the fleet, there will be some spot rust flicked on with a toothbrush*. And some sponged on chipping.

The two Thunderer conversions.  The sooting on the extractor fans is deliberate, but the last time you saw these, they were just grey plastic, I think.  Now they are up to the same stage as the rest of the fleet.

A couple of the chimerae.  Some of the stowage got knocked off during the process and will get stuck back on.  My plan includes treating all of the spare road wheels at once; any adjustments to the fleet will be done like that for homogeneity.  Now, I won't pretend that any of these are going to win me a Golden Demon, but the whole lot them together, with their weathering, stowage & mud being similar across the collection will, I hope, make the whole thing pleasing to the eye.

These photos were largely illuminated by the camera flash, the contrast between the camouflage, detailing and so on is not so harsh as it looks in the photos, however, I thought it gave a good impression of the state of the DKK fleet at the minute. 

They all need pintle weapons and the crew/hatches fixing in place.  We'll see how Mrs Z feels next weekend ! Update: Bank Holiday weekend and I've found time to do a little more titillation; Boltgun metal and then Mig rust on the road wheels that are part of the stowage on the Chimerae, gluing back on all the stowage that was knocked off last weekend, more oil stains around the LR fuel caps, rust on the Panther exhausts, rust on the Crassus exhaust and a little more oil staining on the non-aligned hellhounds. Thunderer exhausts are weathered and I've started collecting together the Heavy Stubbers for this little lot. Also cogitating about smoke dischargers and searchlights on the Chimerae - I think they'll pass muster as they are, I suspect that putting more on them might just leave them looking overcrowded and messy. er. 

* It should be a teethbrush.  It would only be a toothbrush if it was for a whale.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

And some more progress

This is General Commandant Welbahn's Forward HQ wagon.  The basic ASL camo is done but I'm not happy that the seam around the cab is so prominent.  I may have to sand, fill and sand it.

The Crassus is a fab model, the interior is full modelled and would look great, you could assemble this and magnetise the roof if you wanted.  And, after listening to PVP and Karitas, the instructions for this are actually useful (although for a FW model it goes together like a kinder surprise).

The high level exhaust will show off the rusting and sooting quite nicely.

I got some hex masks from the Anarchy stencils kickstarter.  This is me trying them out on the back quarter of the Industrial Mechanica Warthog. You can clearly see where there was a lack of adhesion at the edges, but these arn't flat surfaces, so it's a 'not bad' result.

The question is "Will this paint effect in two or more colours look ok over the whole vehicle ?"  I'm interested if you have a view.  At the minute I'm thinking that due to the fluting and irregular surfaces, a more normal splinter pattern using thin tamiya masking tape would produce a better result.

And these are the Hedge-hog pattern Hydrae that Admiral Drax put together.  A nice kit which goes together well.  I'm looking forward to getting some paint on these.