Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 29 January 2016

The 3rd Troop for the Steel Legion Armoured Squadron

So the three panzers are mostly done; I have found the driver's vision port for the last tank and will have to dig around in the bits mountain for two pintle mounts and a hatch and the comms kit. 

But they're under and base coated, so the next stage is decals.  Then stowage, then weathering.

So whilst I am quite pleased that these babies are coming on well, but there are still things on 'the list' which need attention.  So am resolved to look at things like the DKK Salamanders and the Saranian Thunderer next.

In the meantime, the last tank (the one with the plough) needs a dowel to hold the turret in place.  And I might use some more bits to make an exterminator turret. Maybe.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Reinforcements for Devos IV PDF's 2nd Inf Regt "la Guarde Presedentiale"

So this is another 'fail' according to 'the rules'.  I was browsing ebay (why do I keep doing this ?!?!) and found these RTB Imperial Army figures for a reasonable price, I think I went in £10 under the suggested price with a 'by it now' bid and made the purchase more or less straight away.  

This will translate into two more squads for the unit, which will bolster the forces of freedom and independence at smidgeon. Of course, like other pre-loved things on ebay, they are eclectically attired and somewhat the worst for wear.   

Fortunately, I have some RTB era las-guns that I have been saving since 1986.  No, really, I have.  So armed with some weapons and some arms, I can restore these fine fellows to completeness and then set about re-painting them.

And here are some I prepared earlier...  Three las cannon teams (which will have to be re-based to 60mm) and two Heavy Bolter teams.  I think there's still enough bits to do another las cannon team, which might be useful at some point.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Third LRMBT for third ASL tank troop

This is the third tank of the third troop in the ASL tank squadron (bringing it up to the same strength as the DKK tank squadron).

You can possibly tell that this pheaton pattern LRMBT arrived with sponsons and the de rigour Las Cannon barbette on the front.  It arrived with a generous layer of black spray paint on - not too much of a problem, as I use black aerosol as undercoat as well.

I chopped out and replaced the upper front section of the hull (yes, it did, the las cannon bit was all glued up.  Fortunately I have other tank hulls available for just such an eventuality. The hull weapon, like the other two tanks in this series of three wears a surplus Heavy Bolter from the DKK tanks.

I have left the plough with the aggressive tines on because it ticks the 'rule of kool' box.  Examining the make up of most tank formations of the cold war, one or two in each was equipped with a plough.
You can see the undercoat rippling along the barrel of the main gun in this picture. 
The Vorpanzer, like all of the others is 0.05mm Plasticard and supports the smoke dischargers and the horizontally mounted searchlight.  Communications and data antennae and stowage to follow.
The best fit I could get for the replacement upper front hull.
The sponsons left a hole (I'd used up all of my spare doors....) so these have been blanked off and decorated with a crest from the Isenkern vehicles.  So we'll see what they look like once painted.  If they still look a bit ropey, then I'll turn the glue-melt scars into rust damage - sponsons must be added and detached from the Departmento Munitorium's stock piles all the time.
Hummm, I'll have to trawl the boxes for the driver's vision port, it stands to reason that if I had a spare hull, I'd have the vision port to go with it.  Somewhere.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

First Blood of 2016 !

And its' the jailbirds from the TGG kickstarter.  A big tick on the list (see previous post)

These girls, former inmates of one of the planets foremost correctional institutions, are now members of the Devos IV PDF's 13th Mechanised Infantry Regiment. 

Probably the most interesting looking bit of it, too. 

Many thanks to Mr Lee who has produced these from the bowels of his Painting Emporium