Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday 24 March 2022

Normal gaming in 2012

 So this is what happens.  I managed to get the Emperor's Children's Landspeeders to within range of the motley array of Eldar.  I was going to burn holes in the vehicles and torch the footsloggers. Because nothing quite says 'not today thank you' as setting a whole bunch of folks on fire.  


I'd evaded the Imperial Guard and a Tau strike force to get the Landspeeders there in one peice.  And had the Eldar, they couldn't get away and had already shot at someone else.  It's my turn to shoot.  You just watch what happens !  Quake in fear Xenos scum ! 

Ah.  Not quite the result I was hoping for.   My Landspeeders, totally wiped out.  With no casualties for the Eldar.  What fearsome foe could cause such damage ?

Gotta love scatter dice.  How else could 40K come up with such comedy gold moments ?  TBH, this is the worst time this ever happened.  But I remember this better than the Khorny Beserkers chopping up the stealth suits (which I know about as I have a photo). 

Thursday 10 March 2022

Well, that's awkward.

 So this blog is intended to catalogue the Imperium's response to rebellion on Devos IV.  Making planetfall, campaigning across the prarie and the investiture (as in seige) of the pillgrimage city that is the seat of the rebellion.  

So I've been concentrating my creative efforts on gathering information and ideas to try to bring the seige of the city to life.  I'd got to the point where I was about to begin commiting it to Word and hence to here.

Now, if you're searching the internet in the 2030's (assuming the internet is still here), as I write this, Vladimir Putin's Russia invaded the Ukraine about two weeks ago.   

So given the plight of the people of Ukraine, especially it's cities, I've no stomach or desire to continue with the narrative I've been preparing.  It would simply be not in good taste.

I've mentioned before that games about The Troubles, Iraq and Afghanistan are, IMHO, poor taste; I know people who may now be home, but in some measure are still fighting those conflicts.   I just don't feel like writing about destoying a city, even it is an utterly imaginary one on a different planet tens of thousands of years in the future.  

On a slightly brighter note, I've been heartened by the number of smaller mini manufacturers and 3D printing enterprises who are doing Ukraine benefit things.  

I hope that things are drawn to a good end; that the Ukrainians are left alone and that it doesn't drag on too long.  It'd be nice to go an visit the Cathedral of St Sophia at some point.

Tuesday 1 March 2022