Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Big boys did it and ran away

Chasing the perfidious Eldar away from the Brick of Scrutiny this week are these stalwarts from the Valhallan Imperial Guard.  These are Print your own ones from a kickstarter.  They were printed for me by Mr Lee's painting emporium (printing emporium ?)
Led by this fella.  Who comes with a handy orc head to swing around like some kind of grimdark bludgeon. 
These are well sculpted, well proportioned, appropriately armed and equipped counts as Valhallans
They're also nicely characterful. 
And they're huge.  That's a normal size marine (wolf priest) because I didn't have a bannana.  I don't see this as problem flufftastically. 

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Lay members of the Tree of Man

 Not sure if these might qualify for the =I= conclave or not.  But allow me to introduce to you, some of the movers and shakers of the people Bishop Popper has on occasion referred to as 'the great unwashed'.

The Children.  These are costumed to represent characters or aspects from the cult's interpretation of the Imperial Creed.  The fish head is papier mache, but the soup pot is real.
The Beadle and his team, responsible for the care of all of the orphans given over the order's care.  On Devos IV, in the active warzones, they are the only social service whatsoever.

They have a piper, who for what are perfectly explicable reasons to the Tree of Man, wears an Ursid costume.  His additional role is to protect the children, hence the large sword.  Plissikern can be a little taciturn unless guiding his diminutive charges.  

The Beadle has a rod of office, legally he responsible to the Eclessiarch for the safety and wellbeing of the children.  He holds the purse strings for the Children's Mission.  When he received his prosthetic leg, he found the chicken motif amusing.  But that was some time ago.

The Matron is a qualified nurse and supposedly the cheif clinicition and caregiver.  She has her favourites and is capricious and shallow.

These two have no official title.  The bald lady in the homespun dress does most of the actual caring for the children, but she has no practical aptitude or training, so forced scrubbings and gruel are the order of the day.  She knows this is not right, but lacks the personal experience to imagine anything different.

The hunchback is vile human being, the type of which can only exist in a broken and corrupt system.  The big sword belongs to the Beadle.  If the Beadle was not so possessive of it (and it wasn't the offical symbol of protection provided by the Order) he'd pawn it in moments.

Monday 15 August 2022

Inquisitoral Conclave 2022

Well, following the maxim that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, this would appear to be a factionless warlock or seer of some kind with a retinue of equally disparate assorted Eldar.
The leader.  Impassive in his (her ?) wraith helm.  Looking stern with a witchblade.
There are two swordsmen/women with convential weapons and two swordsmen/women with chainblades.

This individual is possibly the pilot of their grav-tank.
Two more individuals with hafted weapons.
So these are people who at the climax of the final battle for Xyphonica, when it looked like the Imperial Guard were over extended, appeared at XVII Korps HQ and negotiated.